Friday Faves & Finds (3.9.18)

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It’s Friday!!! We are kicking off the weekend by flying to Portland today to visit friends and check out the city. This is my first time visiting the Pacific Northwest, and I’m so excited! Now that we have a very active toddler, we’ve decided to stick to short flights for a while. This way we can still travel and explore new places, but don’t come home from vacation in need of another vacation!


Speaking of travel, what are your go-to tips and tricks for keeping your kiddos entertained and maintaining your own sanity on plane rides?  I just ordered this Reusable Sticker Pad and plan to pack this fun Watercoloring Book that was a hit on our last flight, as well as lots of tasty snacks.

If you have any long flights or red eyes in your future, I highly recommend getting this neck pillow. Yes, I realize it is super dorky looking, but just trust me! I used it on a red-eye to New York last summer, and it helped me get a few short hours of comfortable rest (which is all you can hope for when you have a tiny human sleeping on your body).  

My son is all about “doing art” right now, so we’ve been experimenting with crayons, colored pencils, chalk, and play dough. I thought making homemade play dough would be one of those projects that looks easy online and then turns into a disaster in the kitchen, but this recipe is simple and makes perfect play dough every time. What are your family’s favorite art supplies? I just ordered these paint pens and am excited to try them out with my son next week.

I desperately need a new, light-hearted book to read, so I’m eyeing this one. I’ve read some good things about it, and Hannah from Brief Book Reviews (whom I follow on Instagram) suggested I go for it, but the premise sounds a little cheesy. What do you think?

I don’t know about you, but I had a TON of postpartum hair loss. My hair was very fine to begin with, so when it started falling out in clumps it was not a great look. Finally, over a year and a half later, my hair is coming back to life! I recently started using  Living Proof Full shampoo and conditioner and cannot get over how good it makes my hair look and feel. I am usually all for super crunchy, natural products, but after so much hair loss, none of them were cutting it. I’ve decided that if a product makes me feel more confident and put together, it’s worth making an exception!

Everyone in our little family loves meatballs, so I’m dying to try out this recipe when we get home next week. I love the versatility of meatballs, and it’s so easy to prep them ahead of time for extra-fast and flavorful weeknight meals.

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Have a great weekend!




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