It’s National Drink Wine Day – Have You Visited a Local Winery Lately?



This year, President’s Day falls on February 18, which is also National Drink Wine Day! Living in the Bay Area means having access to some of the best wines in the world. As the old saying goes, “Life is too short to drink bad wine.” But I have to admit that I know very little about the local wineries on the Peninsula. The closest I’ve come is visiting Testarossa in Los Gatos several years ago, pre-kids. I spend most of my time up in Sonoma and Napa (and Livermore, occasionally).

I definitely need to do more research on what local wineries I should visit, and I need your help. Which wineries on the Peninsula are your favorites and which of them are welcoming to kids? 

While I wait for your answers, I’ll share some of my favorite wine tips. 

 My personal tips on visiting Sonoma with kids: How to Do Wine Country with Kids.

 A list from Wine Country Moms Blog of 25 Family-Friendly Wineries in Sonoma and Napa.

 Girl Scout Cookies and Wine Pairings because it’s also that time of year! 




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