Indoor Activities to Avoid the Smoke


The horrific fires in Wine Country are making it difficult to play outside.  AIRNOW has up to date information about our air quality based on zip code.  Please check it out and keep your kids inside if conditions are unhealthy in your area. 

So what do you do inside with your kids all day??  Here are some tips!

Cook/ Bake- The dreaded kitchen mess, I know. But, let your kids make cut-out cookies, muffins, cupcakes, homemade pasta, or make a pizza together!

Dance Party- Turn on some tunes and let the kids run around and dance to burn off their energy! Maybe turn on Disney songs and make it a sing-along!

Build a Fort- Bring out the sheets, pillows, comforters and build a living room fort! Maybe they will even sit and read in them afterward with flashlights!

Paint, Color, or Play with Stamps- You can pretty much download any coloring sheet you want from the internet- Frozen, Halloween themed, Paw Patrol…  Google away, my friends!

Arts and Crafts- Find normal things you have in your house- plastic forks, paper plates, toilet paper rolls, straws, diaper boxes. Get creative with everyday materials. Melissa and Doug also has great arts and craft sets you can get on Amazon Prime! 

Movie Time- Watch a new movie to make it more special.  Make popcorn, hot chocolate, or have a special snack and cuddle on the couch.

Make Airplanes- If you live in a two-story house, make paper airplanes and send them flying down the stairs!

Puzzle- This can be small puzzles for little ones or maybe you can do a larger family-sized puzzle on the kitchen table for older kids.

Balloon Swat-  Blow up a few balloons and let you little ones chase and swat them with fly swatters.  

Puffy Paint- Remember this?  Yup, kids still love it!  Make a shirt or a bag. Let them create something fun!

Take a Bath- Bath time is usually fast and furious at my house.  Everyone is in and out and off to bed.  But bath time is fun, right?  How about playing in the bath with crayons and paint!  ALEX Toys makes crayons and Crayola makes finger paint.

Build an Indoor Obstacle Course- Have your kids start at your front door and climb chairs, jump over shoes, sneak under tables and MORE!

Face Time with Cousins! We live far from family so this is extra special.  Set everyone up at the table with the phone propped up and visit with your family!

Scavenger Hunt- Create clues that send your kids throughout your house to finally find a prize. Send them to closets, in the pantry, sock drawers!  Get creative!

Tea Party- Make little PB and J sandwiches and decaffeinated tea for a fun afternoon snack! Hats are extra special additions too!

Play Dress-up- Whether you are Super heroes, Disney princesses, or maybe just mom or dad. Let your little one wear whatever they want and play!

Drama Scene- Pick a book to act out with stuffed animals.  Let you kids be different characters. You could also make sock puppets and put on a puppet show.  This is great for expanding imaginations and building comprehension skills.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors in Wine Country. 

Although keeping kids inside all day is tough, remember it is nothing compared to what our neighbors are going through…


  1. Thank you for the tips! These will come in handy since soccer is already cancelled this weekend! Prayers to all the victims of these terrible fires!


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