He Left His Heart AND His Pennies in San Francisco


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Seven-year-old Kason recently visited San Francisco with his family, but on their return to Denver, he lost his favorite souvenir from the trip: a penny book that he purchased with his own money, full of pressed pennies from various locations around San Francisco. You’ve seen the machines—put two quarters and a penny in, pick an image, and watch as it gets pressed onto the penny. 

His mom, Audrey, was able to reorder the penny book and reached out to us to ask if there was a way we could help gather more pennies to replace the ones Kason lost. She said, “We chalked it up to a life lesson, and he hasn’t spoken a word about it (this is VERY unlike him). Short of flying back to San Francisco, he knows it was a souvenir we couldn’t get again.”

Let’s show Kason and his family just how hospitable San Francisco can be! If you’re near a penny press, make one for Kason and mail it to him. Audrey said she will reimburse for replacements. You can reach out directly to Audrey at loverofoz@comcast.net

Here are the locations Kason pressed pennies, but new pennies are welcome, too!

  • Gift shop on the corner of Hyde & Jefferson with a penny machine outside. Here, he got a Lombard Street penny and a cable car penny.
  • USS Jeremiah O’Brien ship. He got a penny of the ship.
  • Taylor Street, between Beach St & North Point St, he got an Alcatraz penny of a prisoner behind bars and one of the Golden Gate Bridge that said: I left my heart in SF.

We’re not surprised that Kason left his heart in San Francisco but it’s time for his pennies to make their way back to Denver! 


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