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It’s Friday – we made it! After a great vacation with my parents last weekend, we spent this week getting back into our routine and catching up with friends. After eating at restaurants or on the go during vacation, I always look forward to spending time in my kitchen when I get home. I’ve been browsing food blogs and making messes in the kitchen all week, and it has felt so good! Below you’ll find breakfast, dinner, and dessert recipes I’m eager to try. I’ve got food on the mind, what can I say? I’m always on the lookout for new recipes, so let me know what you’re whipping up in the kitchen in the comments below and have a fantastic weekend!


I’m usually an egg person, but I’ve been craving oatmeal lately. I’m excited to shake up my usual oatmeal routine with this recipe for Golden Milk Latte Overnight Oats.

Asparagus is my all-time favorite vegetable, and probably my favorite thing about spring. Weird? Maybe. Now I just need to figure out how to convince my toddler of its deliciousness…maybe this recipe will help! He does love noodles…

Strawberries for dessert feels like spring. Plus, who doesn’t love “mini” desserts? Portion control + cuteness = what more can you ask for?

Okay, enough about food. After spending last weekend with my parents, this article about “becoming my parents” really resonated with me. My mom turns everything into a song, and I noticed that I do too! Waking up, going to the bathroom, getting in the car- every routine can be turned into a silly song. My dad is really good at art projects, like decorating Easter eggs. He truly commits and takes festive and creative projects very seriously (carving pumpkins was no joke when I was a kid). I’m not a very talented artist, but I also love coloring, painting and doing hands-on projects with my son. Are you slowly becoming your parents, or are you very different?

I hate bananas (like, I absolutely loathe them) so I’d definitely choose another flavor, but this pudding slime looks like a cool idea for sensory play.

Our picnic blanket is looking a bit worse for the wear these days. I’m dreaming about replacing it with one of these.

I just got this book from the library and I cannot wait to start reading! Have you read it? It’s Oprah approved, so it’s gotta be good, right?

In case you missed it. . .

Did we get you on April Fool’s Day with our articles “Up and Coming SF Neighborhood Attempts to Ban Children” and “Target Pulling All Birthday Party-related Merchandise?”

Annabelle named five flexible high-demand careers to explore if you’re looking to spend more time at home.

Jenn admits she didn’t make the cut as a Super Mom and challenges us to stop striving for that title, too. 

Jen shares her favorite spots in Golden Gate Park to take the kids.

Jeanne suggests ways to curb your child’s tears at preschool and daycare dropoffs.

And over at Mid-Peninsula. . .

Two April’s Fools articles about airlines and summer camp; top brunch spots on the Peninsula; finding beauty in her c-section scar; what happens when you’re cut off cold turkey from Amazon; all about Infant Survival Swim School.

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