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We made it through another week, and into a new month! I’ve had a sick kiddo this week, which is never fun for anyone. I’m hoping for a relaxing weekend so that we can start next week feeling healthy and in good spirits. I hope you have some wonderful weekend plans with your family. Enjoy this week’s links!

What do you do when your toddler is too sick to be around other kids, but still has energy and needs to get out of the house? We’ve done a lot of hiking this week, and visited the Contemporary Jewish Museum (free on the first Tuesday of every month) for the first time. There is a small, but sweet, kid’s area that my son loved, and I really enjoyed the exhibit The Art of Rube Goldberg. If you haven’t been before, it is definitely worth a visit!

I finished Red Clocks, which I recommended last week (and is one of the best books I’ve read this year!), and just started a new book, Neon in Daylight. So far it’s a fast, entertaining read that follows three interesting characters during a summer heat wave in New York City. We visited New York last summer and were sticky and sweaty the entire time but loved every minute of our trip. This book makes me want to plan a return visit this summer!

I made Instant Pot Sticky Korean Chicken this week and it was a hit! I try lots of new recipes, but few make it into our regular rotation. This recipe is so easy, so tasty and definitely a keeper.

Have you been spring cleaning? Maybe it’s time to clean up your skincare routine. This guide to natural beauty products for every skin type is a great place to start (you can also check out my beauty routine here).

What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever received? The comments on this post are the best part.

“Although you will coordinate, plan and do almost everything, you should expect to crash face-first into bed every night feeling that you’ve accomplished basically nothing.” This has been all over the internet this week, so you might have already seen it, but I had to include it here.

In case you missed it. . .

Jeanne reminds us that toddlers teethe, too.

Laura wrote all about the kid-friendly events happening this month around San Francisco.

Jenn tells us to stop telling her son he’s okay.

We shared a Hanna Andersson giveaway in celebration of their store opening in Stanford Shopping Center.

Elisa shares the many benefits of taking your kids to the farm (besides the adorable photo ops, of course).

And over at Mid-Peninsula. . .

Details about this weekend’s Birth & Family fair at Blossom; the Hanna Andersson store opening at Stanford Shopping Center; making peace with a messy housechapter books for preschoolers; a raw letter to a husband about growing apart and staying together. 


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Have a great weekend!


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Kate grew up in sunny San Diego and is a beach girl at heart. She moved to the Bay Area to attend Cal (Go Bears!), where she studied Sociology and met her husband Zack. She has a Masters in Education from UC Santa Cruz and taught middle school in Santa Rosa and Austin, Texas before her son Henry was born in 2016. The family of three moved to San Francisco in February 2017 and miss good barbeque, but enjoy exploring the city together. Kate loves spending time outdoors with Henry, usually hiking or hanging out at the playground. When Henry is sleeping, you can find her cooking, curled up on the couch with a new book or working on her headstand in a yoga class.


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