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It’s funny. I write all of the time, guys (like, all the time), and for some reason, this week, I’m stumped on what to share with you here! Have you ever felt really busy but can’t recount what you’ve been doing? That’s the kind of week it’s been, so I’m actually thankful that I can take a pause here to remember some of the things that caught my eye this week. 


This cartoon explaining the invisible (but heavy) mental load of motherhood was an instant classic when it first published. I dug up the link to share it with a friend this week. 

I want to start asking my kids these four questions before they go to bed. Have you done something similar? 

My four year old keeps asking how babies get in mommies’ tummies, and I’ve managed to feed her just enough information to satisfy her for the moment. The real conversation is coming, so I re-read this article to help prepare me.

Tortonis. I haven’t seen this delectable dessert on any restaurant menu I’ve encountered in my 35 years. I only know about it because my mom made it for guests exactly two times when I was growing up, but it was so delicious that I still remember it. I don’t know why I haven’t made it myself, but I’m going to try this recipe out for my parents’ next visit.

In case you missed it. . . 

Did we fool you with our two April’s Fools articles “Major Airline Creates Kid-Friendly Seating Zone” (we wish!) and “Find Out Which Popular Summer Camp Is Closing Its Doors?”  

Erika named her favorite brunch spots on the Peninsula. Tell us yours, and we’ll add them to the list!  

Andrea decided her c-section scar isn’t so bad after all. Find out why!

I recount what happened when I was cut off cold turkey from Amazon for an entire month (it’s not pretty).

Jenn, one of our SF contributors, guest posts to share a local Infant Survival Swim School about which she’s passionate.

And up in SF . . .

Two April Fool’s Day with our articles about neighborhoods banning children and Target pulling merchandisefive flexible high-demand careers to give you more time at home; a challenge to stop being a Super Mom; favorite spots in Golden Gate Park; ways to curb your child’s tears at preschool dropoffs.

Upcoming events

April 22 – if you’re expecting a baby or are a new mom, come to our BLOOM event at CPMC’s Newborn Connections in San Francisco to check out baby products, speak with a pediatrician, sleep consultant, and lactation consultant, be eligible for amazing giveaways (like Kendra Scott jewelry and Britax car seats!), and walk away with a huge bag of swag. 


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Have a great weekend! And in the words of Jon Stewart, “Here it is. Your moment of zen.”

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