Friday Faves & Finds (2.23.18)


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Yay for the weekend! This weekend my husband and I are hosting my son’s birthday party at Recess – Urban Recreation, and I can’t wait to celebrate our little boy! In preparation I’ll be busy making yummy vegan cupcakes – if you have any vegan, or egg/dairy allergic friends, they will love this recipe. What things, big or small, are you celebrating in your life? To wrap up the week, here are some of my faves and finds to share.


So what’d you think of all the backlash to Fergie’s take on the National Anthem? Was her apology necessary? What’s the last risk you took?

Did everyone enjoy breaking out your cute winter accessories for the cold snap? If you need a few new winter pieces or can’t wait for spring, Nordstrom’s Winter Sale is on through the 25th!

Have you and your partner booked a babysitter yet to watch Black Panther? (Or are you like how my husband and I are about movies and wait for when you can watch at home in bed after the little one goes down?)

I haven’t been watching as much of the Olympics as I would like, but I always also enjoy the heartwarming stories shared. I am amazed by the accomplishments of the brother and sister ice skating dancers representing the US. It’s always interesting to read about how much family support is required to get to the Olympics. What hobbies are your little ones starting to show interest in, and do your multiples, for the most part, get along?

I was laughing out loud over Bill Gates guessing the price of groceries on the Ellen Show. I’m guessing he doesn’t eat frozen pizza rolls.

Reminder that SF’s Chinese New Year street fair and parade are this weekend! What Lunar New Year traditions have you been keeping up or trying out this year?

In case you missed it. . . 

Monday: Inger reflected on the little actions that can build up or tear down others.

Tuesday: Annabelle wrote a heartbreaking letter to her son.

Wednesday: Jenn learned yet another thing to consider when potty training.

Thursday: Sarah gave us some much-needed laughs in celebration of Margarita Day (including recipes and tips!), and Rebecca gave practical tips on how to make a difference.

And over at the Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog:

A timely piece on how to talk to kids about tragedy; the inner thoughts of one mom’s split personality; the REAL developmental milestones to look forward to (they don’t make cute stickers for these!); and an honest look into the life of a dairy allergy mom (I’m in the club sadly).


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Have a great weekend! 



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