Things to Do This Weekend, Day Date Ideas, and More (Friday Faves 8.31.18)


It’s the last Friday of August! Not sure how this month slipped by so quickly, but I’m crossing my fingers for a sunny September. Last weekend my husband and I went on a day date where we pretended to be tourists in our own city and had the best time. We’ve lived here for a year and a half and he’d never seen the Painted Ladies! It was time. I’ll share more details below if you’re interested in planning a similar afternoon outing with your sweetheart.

I’m so excited for Labor Day Weekend! It’s a long weekend, we have a date night planned, and my in-laws will surely be barbequing something tasty on Monday – what more could a girl ask for?! I hope you get to spend this weekend with family or friends, and have some awesome plans of your own. See you in September!

Your Next Day Date Itinerary

The plan for our day date was to see the Painted Ladies and then wander around from there. In under 3 hours we managed to hit the following spots: Alamo Square Park for some serious City views, Bi-Rite for ice cream, Rare Device for window shopping, Horse Feather for strong cocktails, Souvla for french fries, a stroll to Hayes Valley to walk it all off, more window shopping at Marine Layer and a chocolate at Christopher Elbow to end the date on a sweet note. It was definitely an afternoon of indulgence, but don’t worry, I’ve been eating a lot of salad this week to make up for it! I highly recommend planning a day date with a friend or significant other that involves exploring the city you live in through the eyes of a tourist. I’ve been in a bit of a funk throughout Fogust, and our date reminded me that San Francisco is full of wonderful things.


How to Ramp Up Your Sex Drive

Any ladies out there struggling with low sex drive? This is an interesting Q & A with a sex and intimacy expert about the importance of women reconnecting with our bodies to experience more pleasure.  


Optimistic Kids in Pessimistic Times

Let’s pass on the positivity! There are some good tips in this guide on How to Raise Optimistic Kids in Pessimistic Times.

Make Time for Play

My son, Henry, played with a very large stick outside the Randall Museum for almost an hour this week. At first, he was pretending there was an owl on the stick (we had just seen the owl inside the museum), and then he was pretending it was a drill(?). He also used it to draw in the dirt and generally enjoyed holding and waving it around. At two years old, he has the most fun engaging in seemingly weird outdoor play. We know that play is important, but life gets busy, and we don’t always make time for this kind of unstructured play that kids desperately need. This article is a great reminder of how important it is to make time for play.


Madewell Jeans Goes Green

Madewell jeans were the first jeans to make me feel like myself again with a post-baby body, so I’m excited that they are going green!

Asian-inspired Beef Bowl Recipe

I must have a thing for Asian-inspired beef bowls right now because I shared a similar recipe last week! Full disclosure, this recipe did take me longer to prepare than the 20 minutes it claims (the author definitely does not have a toddler pretending to be a kitty and clawing her leg while she cooks), but it was as flavorful and satisfying as promised.

The Power of a Homecooked Meal

While we’re talking about rice bowls…this story about coming out and the power of kimchi fried rice is a great read. Good, homemade food is a powerful thing!

Ape Moms Play Airplane

This adorable footage of a mama (or papa?) gorilla playing airplane with her baby is the sweetest thing you’ll see today. 

"Nacho, That's Not Your Seat!"

In case you missed it, here are the week’s posts from San Francisco Moms Blog and Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog. 

Book Review: The Explosive Child

Elisa tells us why, out of all the parenting books she’s read, this one was life-changing.

Why I’m Teaching My Kids the F-Word

Robin’s letting her kids know what this F-word means and hopes it helps them grow up to be better human beings. 

Back to School Bash Recap

Over 300 parents came to the Stanford Shopping Center on August 18 for tons of back to school savings. There’s still time to shop! Find out more.

Join Our Team!

Happy Birthday to us! Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog turned one, and we want to grow our team. Are you a writer? An awesome meme creator? A photographer who wants another outlet to showcase her work? Let us know how you want to get involved!

When Do I Have to Stop Touching My Son?

Amy wonders just how much longer she has to cuddle her son before he wants no part of her hugs and affection. 

How I Stopped My Toddler From Throwing Toys

Jenn tells us how she manages to get her son to stop throwing toys without inciting a major meltdown.

10 Signs You’re a Tired Mom and What to Do About It

See if you can relate to these confessions from moms about what they’ve done out of exhaustion and learn how you can help yourself get more sleep. 

Why Subscribe & Save Is the Way to Go

Jeanne explains why Amazon’s “subscribe & save” feature has freed up her time and saved her money.

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Kate grew up in sunny San Diego and is a beach girl at heart. She moved to the Bay Area to attend Cal (Go Bears!), where she studied Sociology and met her husband Zack. She has a Masters in Education from UC Santa Cruz and taught middle school in Santa Rosa and Austin, Texas before her son Henry was born in 2016. The family of three moved to San Francisco in February 2017 and miss good barbeque, but enjoy exploring the city together. Kate loves spending time outdoors with Henry, usually hiking or hanging out at the playground. When Henry is sleeping, you can find her cooking, curled up on the couch with a new book or working on her headstand in a yoga class.


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