Would You Sign Up for a Marriage 101 Class? (Friday Faves 8.24.18)

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TGIF! It’s been a foggy, grey week, but we made it to the weekend. We kept things low key last weekend and it was so relaxing, so we’re looking for an instant repeat this weekend. I’m hoping to sneak out for a yoga class and start a new book- self- care is all about the small things! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family, and manage to carve out a little time for yourself.  Most importantly, let’s cross our fingers for some sunshine this weekend! Here’s what’s been on my mind this week…

Giving Kids Chores

Do your kids do chores? My son is two, so his primary chore is putting his toys away, which usually involves him singing the cleanup song while I put 90% of the things away.  This article inspired me to be more consistent about making age-appropriate chores part of his routine.

Welcome to Mission Bay, Gus!

So excited that Gus’s Community Market is coming to Mission Bay! We do most of our grocery shopping at Whole Foods, but there are certain items I can only get at Gus’s. Speaking of awesome grocery stores…do you ever shop at Rainbow Grocery? I stock up on bulk items there (rice, nuts, tea, sugar, flours, spices) to cut down on plastic packaging and waste. My son calls it the special store 🙂


Day or Night Dates?

Do you prefer date nights or day dates? My husband and I like to mix it up, and I think this new mini golf course and this new Pinball bar could be fun day or night! Where are your favorite date spots in the City?

30 Minute Korean Beef and Peppers Recipe

I’ve been craving Asian flavors lately, and this 30 minute Korean Beef and Peppers with Sesame Rice sounds so delicious! I’ve been eating lots of pesto, zucchini, and peaches, so this recipe sounds like a nice change of pace.

Sex Without Shame

How can we educate kids about sex without shame? Maybe we should consider the Dutch approach…

Motherhood Around the World

The Motherhood Around the World series is one of my favorite things on the blog A Cup of Jo (which I read religiously). This week’s edition about parenting in South Africa was another eye-opening read.

Marriage 101

Northwestern University offers a course called Marriage 101: A class about studying marriage, learning how to be a better partner and making healthy, long-term relationships last. I’ve been happily married for five years and I’d still sign up!

Jacket Hack

Wrestling a jacket on Henry is no easy task, so I love this hack for teaching kids to do it themselves.

Here's that jacket hack!

Proof that slow and steady works!

In case you missed it, here are the week’s posts from San Francisco Moms Blog and Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog. 

Am I Decluttering the Joy Out of My Kids?

Robin wonders if her son’s pack-rat habits are in response to her desire for a tidy home.

How to Get Your Kids Play Better Together

Try this simple idea to get your kids get along better while they play.

Surviving Museums with Toddlers

Jeanne shares her tips for making a day out with your toddler a success.

Kindergarten Day 2: I Was Not Prepared for This

Rebecca confesses that she was not as prepared as she thought she was for the day after the first day of kindergarten. 

Playing Tourist in SF

Alessandra tells us about her fun day date biking to Sausalito with Wheel Fun rentals. 

Travel Tips for Texas

Jeanne shares her favorite spots around Dallas and Austin from her vacation this summer.

Territory Foods Meal Deliveries 

Elisa tried out Territory Foods and tells us out it went.

Moving on From Toddler Meltdowns

I learned to take a page from my son’s book and shake off the times I lose my cool in an emotional toddler tantrum.

My Food Revolution

Food is a big stressor in Rebecca’s house, so she’s sharing ways to make life easier on herself while still feeding her kids healthily.


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