Raise Your Hand If Making Moms Friends Is Hard to Do (Friday Faves 8.17.18)

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Happy Friday! For those of you with kiddos starting school next Monday, are you ready for your last weekend of freedom?! This time of year always makes me miss teaching, with all the first day of school jitters and excitement. I hope you can squeeze in some extra family fun this weekend before the craziness of homework, packed lunches, and new beginnings next week. If your little one, like mine, isn’t in school yet, let’s just continue to enjoy summer and cross our fingers for lots of sunshine next week!

The Wildfires Still Rage

This Fire Tracker map is both informative and unsettling. It’s important to stay informed, but so hard to see our state in flames. My heart goes out to everyone affected by these fires, and to the firefighters who are working diligently to contain them.

Free Range, Helicopter, or Something in Between?

Did you play outside alone or with friends as a kid? My friends and I loved to rollerblade in the cul de sac and run back and forth between each other’s houses, engaging in all sorts of silly imaginative play. I think we were unsupervised most of the time, but it’s hard to remember… I can’t imagine ever letting Henry walk anywhere or play at the park alone in the City – sometimes I don’t even feel safe walking around here! I can’t stop thinking about this post, and I’m dying to hear other mom’s thoughts about it!


Toddler Magazines

We discovered something new (to us) at the library this week – magazines for toddlers! We have been reading them again and again since checking them out, so I highly recommend looking for them at your local branch if you haven’t found them already. If you can’t find them at the library or love them so much you want your own, I think a subscription to any of these (Babybug, Hello, Nat Geo Little Kids) would make a fantastic gift!

Making Mom Friends

Real talk: finding a “mom tribe” is so hard! Connecting with other moms is essential to survival as a new mom, but dang, it can be rough out there!  I feel so lucky to have met some great moms here and to remain in touch with my mom friends from Austin. How did you build your mom network? Did it happen naturally or did you actively seek out new friends?

The Siren Call of the Tevas

I have mocked both my parents for wearing Tevas (So functional! So dorky!) and now really want a pair! I frequently admire them online and then talk myself out of purchasing them. This funny article might just be the extra nudge I need to follow my heart and embrace the Tevas.

"Look Up"

Since I stay home full time, Henry and I have a relatively flexible schedule.  We’ve recently added a few classes to our routine, and getting out the door at a specific time has become a big challenge. After a few intense meltdowns this week,  this article was just what I needed to read. It provides some good tips for smooth transitions out the door with kids of all ages.

Netflix Does It Again

Did you read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society when it came out years ago? I read it in college but had totally forgotten about it until my husband and I watched the new film adaptation on Netflix last night. It is the sweetest historical romance, you have to check it out!

True Life with City Kids

“When raising a city kid, it helps to have a strong back and nerves of steel.” If you are a mom in San Francisco and haven’t seen this article yet, it is a must-read.

Love it!

In case you missed it, here are the week’s posts from San Francisco Moms Blog and Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog. 

Book That Boudoir Photo Shoot

Rebecca shares a less than ideal experience taking boudoir photos and tells you how you can get the perfect boudoir experience that she never had.

What to Do When You Don’t Like Your Kid

Yep, Robin said it. Sometimes we don’t like the way we’re behaving no matter how much we love them. Here’s how to cope.

When It’s the End of the Firsts

It can be a strange feeling to know something may be the “last first” you experience with your child. Erika shares what it’s like for her.

Nurturing Our Kids’ Friendships

Genevieve reminds us that it’s important to help our little ones development friendships, so they have consistency when they go through periods of transition.

Printable Back to School Signs

Use our code to order customized back to school signs from local stationery designer, Sarah Tarantino, of Ted & Kate.

Moms’ Summer Workout Recap

If you missed our summer workout party at Equinox in San Mateo, check out our recap and join us for our next event! 

Where to Live for Good Schools

Rebecca cautions to get clear on what a “good school” means to you because it may influence where you end up living.

How to Treat Mommy Wrist (aka Mommy Thumb)

We asked an orthopedic surgeon how to prevent Mommy Wrist and care for it if you have it. 

All About Vaginal Rejuvenation

We had one of our contributors try a non-invasive vaginal tightening procedure, and the results are in and they are amazing!

Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies 

Jen shares her strategies for sneaking veggies into her kids’ favorite meals.

Summertime Memories

Rebecca tells us why and how she’s making a simple summer scrapbook to savor her family’s memories before the rush of the school year begins. 


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