A Kid-Friendly Playlist + New Seasonal Recipes (Friday Faves 8.10.18)

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We made it through another week! Is it just me, or does it feel like August is flying by?! With all the Back to School craziness and fog in the City during August, it’s easy to forget it’s still summer. The first official day of fall isn’t until September 22, so let’s all just slow down and soak up every bit of summer while we can!  In my dreams, I am going on a romantic getaway with my husband here this weekend. In reality, we are hanging around town and going bowling with friends, which will also be pretty great. If you’re having a mellow weekend around town and are in the mood to catch up on things around the web, you’ll find a few links below…

Buckle Up for These Recipes

I an effort to get the most out of summer produce, I’m basically only eating zucchini and peaches these days. I make a lot of fruit crisps, but I had never made a buckle until this week. It was beyond good, I can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner! I’d like to try these muffins next week, and maybe this lemonade if we get some warm, sunny weather.

Play That Song, Mama

My son and I have been grooving to this playlist this week. What songs do both you and your kiddos love?

Body Politics

What a woman chooses to do with her body should not be up for debate in 2018. This is a thought-provoking piece about one woman’s experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, and abortion. I think it’s important for women to share their stories because all our journeys into motherhood are unique and different.

What to Read and Watch

I’m currently reading this novel (I’ll let you know what I think when I finish it!) and watching Orange Is The New Black, so I guess you could say I have prison on the mind…

My New Credo: Facial Cleanser

I’ve been testing out this cleanser and loving it! It has a texture that is different than anything I’ve used before and leaves my skin feeling deeply clean and hydrated.

Return to the Menstrual Cup

Have you ever used a menstrual cup before? I used one before I got pregnant and was surprised by how much I loved it! My period post-baby has been kind of funky, so I haven’t been using it, but I read this positive review this week and it motivated me to get a new one (you have to get a different size post-childbirth).

Transition Tips for Preschool and Kindergarten

My little guy won’t be going off to school this year, but I’m sure many of you are gearing up for the start of the school year. This post has some solid tips for helping little ones transition to preschool and Kindergarten.

Have you noticed more parrots?

These little ones aren't ready to be apart <3

In case you missed it, here are the week’s posts from San Francisco Moms Blog and Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog. 

Toddlers: Keep Off the Big Kid Playground

Meredith’s children are now the bigger kids at the playground and she totally gets now why toddlers on the big equipment is a hassle. 

Basic Invite Does It Right

Erika had too much fun customizing stationery on Basic Invite’s site. She tells us why Basic Invite is different (and better) than the others. They’re running a Christmas in July sale (even though it’s August) where Christmas card orders are 30% off! 

Chores! Chores? Chores.

Genevieve sees chores as an integral way for her elementary school kids to learn important life skills and feel involved in the family. She explains what they do and why it’s so great.

Let’s Eat Out!

Robin and Wendi tried out two local restaurants, Curry Up Now and SAJJ Meditteranean, and tell us what they think. Each place is running a summer special, so don’t wait to go!

New Daycare Center near Embarcadero!

Bright Horizons is opening a new center near the Embarcadero. Learn more about how to visit and get on the waitlist.

What My 2 Year Old Will NOT Get for His Birthday

Jenn knows kids’ car seats can be switched to forward facing at two, but she’s not doing it. Here’s why.

I Let My Kids Climb UP the Slide

Rebecca asks why some parents yell at their kids about climbing up slides. Do you agree or do you have good reasons for keeping your kids on the ladder?

How the Chevy Equinox Equaled Road Trip Success

I traded in a 14-year-old car for a brand new Chevy Equinox on a recent road trip in Colorado. Here’s what I (and my son) loved about the car.

Mom Bun to Hair Done

Kelly shares her secret for transforming a messy mom bun into a stylish down ‘do in only 10 minutes!


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