What the Age We Became Mothers Might Say About Us (Friday Faves 8.10.18)


I’m writing this on Thursday night, but I keep thinking it’s only Wednesday, and I continue to be happily surprised that Friday will be here by the time you read this! Since I stay home with the kids and write for a living, I don’t have a traditional 9 – 5 job. My husband often jokes that every day is a Saturday for me, but, actually, every day is more like a Monday. The work never ends! Still, my favorite days are the weekends, when the hubs is home, and we get to do fun things together, even if it’s just going out for lunch or dinner.

Tell me what you’re up to this weekend, and in your downtime, check out some of the things that caught my eye this week.

These Wildfires, Though

I honestly can’t wrap my head around the number of wildfires happening now across our state. The state tracks all the current fires here, with updates. Here’s how to help

No Shame Counting with Fingers

Addition and subtraction are starting to click for my five year old. She’s been using her fingers to count, just as I remember doing when I was her age (and still do sometimes, don’t judge!). While some schools discourage kids from counting this way, it may actually help her become better at math in the long run, according to several studies.

The Age of Motherhood

How old were you when you had your first baby? According to this analysis, mothers in San Francisco County are the oldest in the nation to have their first children. Women tend to be younger in less urban areas, and this has important implications for children.

Wise Words from Anthony Bourdain

I finally listened to this podcast interview with Anthony Bourdain from last December. I don’t know what else to say except that I wish that we had the chance to hear more from him. Don’t forget, there’s help if you or someone you know is suffering.

In case you missed it, here are the week’s posts from San Francisco Moms Blog and Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog. 

Toddlers: Keep Off the Big Kid Playground

Meredith’s children are now the bigger kids at the playground and she totally gets now why toddlers on the big equipment is a hassle. 

Basic Invite Does It Right

Erika had too much fun customizing stationery on Basic Invite’s site. She tells us why Basic Invite is different (and better) than the others. They’re running a Christmas in July sale (even though it’s August) where Christmas card orders are 30% off! 

Chores! Chores? Chores.

Genevieve sees chores as an integral way for her elementary school kids to learn important life skills and feel involved in the family. She explains what they do and why it’s so great.

Let’s Eat Out!

Robin and Wendi tried out two local restaurants, Curry Up Now and SAJJ Meditteranean, and tell us what they think. Each place is running a summer special, so don’t wait to go!

New Daycare Center near Embarcadero!

Bright Horizons is opening a new center near the Embarcadero. Learn more about how to visit and get on the waitlist.

What My 2 Year Old Will NOT Get for His Birthday

Jenn knows kids’ car seats can be switched to forward facing at two, but she’s not doing it. Here’s why.

I Let My Kids Climb UP the Slide

I honestly don’t understand why some parents yell at their kids about climbing up slides. Do you agree or do you have good reasons for keeping your kids on the ladder?

How the Chevy Equinox Equaled Road Trip Success

Kate traded in a 14-year-old car for a brand new Chevy Equinox on a recent road trip in Colorado. Here’s what she (and her son) loved about the car.

Mom Bun to Hair Done

Kelly shares her secret for transforming a messy mom bun into a stylish down ‘do in only 10 minutes!

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