Books to Read, Wine to Try, and a Search for Summer Sandals (Friday Faves 6.15.18)


Happy Friday! I’m excited to be back to kick off the weekend. It feels like it’s been awhile! Last weekend we were visiting Chicago for the first time, and this weekend we are headed up to Sonoma County to celebrate Father’s Day with my in-laws. I’m trying to brainstorm something delicious that will be a hit with all the dads for our Sunday Night Dinner…Last year I made my dad an ice cream cake featuring his favorite flavor, pistachio, and it was epic! How do you plan to celebrate the fathers in your life this weekend?

If you’re looking for some light reading this weekend, here’s what’s on my mind right now…

Summer Reading Goals

What’s on your summer reading list? I’ve only read one book so far on this list, and it was incredible, so I’m excited to check out the other titles.

Bluebird, Bluebird

On the way to Chicago, my son slept for over an hour (which is really rare these days!), giving me a chance to finish this book. I was hooked from the very beginning, and the ending did not disappoint. I’d highly recommend it!

Of the Cooking Variety

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I love reading cookbooks in the morning while I drink coffee. Not always possible with a toddler around, but I try! This book is on my coffee table right now, and I’ve already bookmarked a ton of recipes I’m dying to try.

Wine Time

My husband and I love to open a cold bottle of Vinho Verde on a hot day. Do you ever drink it? It’s always a crowd pleaser at a BBQ or a picnic because it’s so refreshing!

Drink of the Summer?

Speaking of refreshing drinks, any idea what the new trendy drink of summer will be this year? Bartenders make their predictions here. I’m on board with any and all of them!

Yerba Buena Gardens

Have you been to the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival? My son and I went to a handful of shows last year, and it was so fun! Looking forward to adding some of the upcoming events to our calendar.

Sandals for the Season

Last but not least, let’s talk about feet. Okay, not feet, but sandals. I’m all about sneakers, but lately, I’ve been looking for a super comfortable sandal I can wear all over town. Considering this classic pair, but open to recommendations. Any ideas?

In case you missed it, here are the week’s posts from San Francisco Moms Blog and Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog. 

San Mateo County Fair

Kelly got to tour the San Mateo County Fair before it opened to the public. Check out our Instagram story for pics and videos and her write up of why this is a must do with the family. It ends this weekend!

Mom Memes & PPD

Shannon gets deeply personal, talking about how she missed the signs of postpartum depression for two years, all because those well-meaning memes about how hard motherhood is made her feel like everyone’s experience was as extreme as hers. 

Kids’ Passports

Meredith walks you step-by-step through what you need to get your kids’ passports before you travel internationally. 

Father’s Day Mad Libs

Have a little fun with your baby daddy by having him tell you what he wants for Father’s Day, Mad Lib style.

Father’s Day DIY

We’ve pulled together easy ways for your kids to show Dad how much they love him.

It’s Twins!

Alessandra recounts everything she felt after learning she was pregnant with twins and how her hubby had the opposite reaction.

Origami for the Win

I’m always impressed with Amy’s craft projects, but this might be my new favorite. An adorable little button down shirt folded out of paper? Trying it this weekend.

Baby Gear Rentals

It’s nearly impossible to travel light when kids are involved, but Jen discovered that Babierge makes it a whole lot easier. 

Lessons from Dad

I reflect on what I’ve learned from the important men in my life, and the takeaways are things from which we can all benefit. 

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