Portable Toys + Other Necessities for Traveling with Kids


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We all have summer travels coming up, and if you are anything like me, I spend weeks trying to find new and exciting (but portable) toys and games to keep my kids occupied on cross country flights or long drives.  Here are a few finds I am most excited to test out this summer!

Me Electronic Reader

These Disney books are short and come with an e-reader, so the kids can read the books by themselves.  My four-year-old is absolutely obsessed, and since the volume isn’t too loud (and cannot be turned up), I don’t mind hearing them on a long car ride.

Magnetic Puzzle

Another staple of our travels.  These mini magnetic puzzles are perfect for the car or on a plane.  They are also great if you have a long lay over and your kids want to spread out on the floor of the airport (gross, I know, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!).

Magnetic Tetris Blocks

These are new for us this summer and I am super excited to try them out.  We live for Magnatiles in our house, but those are not a great option for flights. This is also small enough to throw in a suitcase as a backup toy once you get to your destination.

PlusPlus Blocks and PlusPlus Baseplate

We LOVE the large PlusPlus blocks on our house, but they always end up on the floor of the plane and me having to ask the people that are sitting behind us to pick them up like 20 times.  But, the smaller PlusPlus blocks have a baseplate they fit into, which hopefully will eliminate some of the loose pieces! Plus, the small ones come in a few color options, so you can eliminate any sibling fighting before it begins by giving everyone their own color set.

Color Your Own Masks

Dress up is still a favorite activity in our house, and since Princess Dresses are a little bulky to pack, I have begun to get these fun ‘Color your own mask’ activity books.  The kids can color on the plane, but still feel like they are getting a little dress up time in.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


I am obsessed with these adorable bags.  They just debuted a kids line, with mini backpacks, lunch boxes, and kid’s sized customizable pouches.  The perfect size backpacks that your kids will actually want to (and be able to) carry!


My kids love to “help” pack their own suitcases, but so many kids’ suitcases don’t have enough room for actual travel. Away has options that are considered kids size, but I still think those are a bit small. We use the smaller carry-on size. They come in 10 colors and have a lifetime guarantee.  

The less fun but necessary stuff

Inevitably, someone will get sick right before or during a trip. I always pack a new bottle of Motrin and Zarbees. I also pack a little bottle of eucalyptus oil. If anyone gets congested, a little oil on a cotton ball in the bedroom does wonders.

Band-aids—These also make a great emergency toy. They take kids quite a while to open and stick, but come off plane windows/tray tables/armrests very easily! 

Polysporon—to help any cuts heal quickly

Lysol spray— Plane and airports are literally the dirtiest places on earth.  Check out these small travel spray cans: Lysol Spray travel size 

Travel toilet seat coversWe also always carry potty seat liner bags. They have a small pad in the bottom to prevent splashing up.  

Thermometer StripI found these gems; they are just sticky strips that you can throw away after taking your temperature. I haven’t used them yet, but the reviews are good and seem simple to use.

Good luck with all your summer travels, and try to remember that whatever you forget, you can always buy there! Don’t stress yourself out by bringing every little thing. Happy Summer!



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