How to Get a Passport for Kids in San Francisco Without the Stress


passport and toyGetting a passport for kids in San Francisco doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but it does take some planning. Lucky for you, I did my research, and I’m here to share it with you. 

We have a trip planned for Cabo in August with the kids. We’re really looking forward to it, especially because the grandparents are coming along–hello childcare! 

In preparation (and because of the new regulations), our twin toddlers need passports to visit Mexico. I am a PLANNER and definitely didn’t want to leave this task until the last minute. I’d already seen people posting horror stories about trying to get passports and I was determined to make it as simple as possible. 

First, I read all of Rebecca’s tips here. This was such a helpful way to get started. I took all her advice and added in a few tips of my own. 

Get Out of the City

The best tip from Rebecca’s post is to make your appointment at a post office located outside of San Francisco. You can head down to Daly City or do like we did and take a quick trip over the bridge to Sausalito. You can use this link to make an appointment. We booked the first appointment of the day at 9 am and we were in and out in 30 minutes flat. And that’s WITH two toddlers.

Plan Ahead

Parents, I’m begging you, don’t leave this until the last minute. You have some options if you do but it’s painful and expensive. Do your best to knock this out at early as possible so that it’s one less thing to stress about as you are planning your travel.

Get Organized

There are a few key pieces of info to keep in mind as you prepare all your documents. I felt like the information was a little tricky to digest so here’s a checklist for you:

  1. Fill out your child’s application online and print it.
  2. Locate your child’s birth certificate. You need to bring the original and a photocopy. They will mail in both and then send you back the original. 
  3. Bring a photocopy of both parents’ licenses or passports. 
  4. Get a passport photo. Some USPS locations do this and some do not. We opted to get them done ahead of time at Walgreens. 
  5. Bring a personal check or be prepared to purchase a money order at the post office. Note you need a debit card to purchase a money order.

Also note that both parents need to attend the appointment. Otherwise, refer to Rebecca’s post which outlines how to get a notarized consent form if only one parent can attend.

Overall, the process was painless, quick, and seamless. I’m so glad I read Rebecca’s post ahead of time and made sure to read over all the information about getting a passport for kids in San Francisco. There’s nothing worse than dragging toddlers all over town. I hope this helps make your experience easier. Happy traveling! 


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After four moves in six years (from Texas to Connecticut to Virginia!), Alessandra and her husband are excited to call San Francisco home for now. Alessandra has boy/girl twins born in November 2017 and is learning how to navigate the city with a double stroller and a dog. She works part-time for a startup and hopes to start teaching Barre again (in all her spare time). With all of their family on the East Coast, Alessandra is excited to be a part of this West Coast community. Foller her at and on Instagram: @alessmarie.



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