Three Delicious Ways to Usher in Fall in San Francisco


Today is the Autumnal Equinox, also known as the first day of Fall! Before we dive in to some tasty fall must-eats, let me give you some background on this special day that marks the beginning of my favorite season.

During the Autumnal Equinox, the position of the sun is such that the amount of daytime and nighttime are equal. The equinox marks the beginning of the changing of the seasons, because, from this day on, the days shorten and the nights get longer.

What does this mean for you, aside from the fact that it’s time to start planning this year’s family Halloween costume? This weekend is the perfect time to get in the spirit of the season with some delicious bites and sips from a few of my favorite local San Francisco places.

delicious ways to usher in fall in san francisco
Photo courtesy of Neighbor Bakehouse,

Start your morning off right and head to Neighbor Bakehouse to pick up an Apple Hand Pie, or two. Then try to exhibit self control and resist the urge to inhale the entire thing in three bites. Every bite tastes like fall, with flaky pastry outside and sweet, cinnamon apple filling inside. Make a morning out of your pastry run and stop by the tiny but adorable Dogpatch Playground (perfect for toddlers) where your little ones can get their wiggles out before naptime. For a fun physical activity with older kids, walk over to Dogpatch Boulders, where your kiddos can practice their climbing skills and you can burn off some of those pastry calories.

Delicious ways to usher in fall in san francisco
Photo courtesy of Samovar Tea Bar – The Mission,

If you need an afternoon pick me up, stop by Samovar Tea Bar in the Mission for a steaming cup of chai tea. The Almond Milk Masala Chai is the epitome of fall in a cup: creamy, spicy and just the right amount of sweet. Who needs a Pumpkin Spice Latte when you have this local gem? Take your cup to-go and stroll over to Mission Dolores Park, where it feels like it’s always sunny, even as the seasons are changing. The chai will warm you up and give you the boost of energy you need to chase your kids around the playground!

Photo courtesy of Alba Ray’s,

Take your significant other out for a romantic date night at Alba Ray’s. Nothing sounds better on a foggy fall evening than soulful Cajun cuisine. Start with a Sazerac if you’re feeling like a classic cocktail, or the Bywater, my personal favorite. Don’t skip the Crispy Boudin Balls or the Gumbo, and if you’re in the mood for sharing, order the Creole Chicken and Pork Jambalaya. The food is rich and comforting, and the atmosphere will transport you from chilly San Francisco to lively New Orleans.

This is my first Fall in San Francisco, and I can’t wait to celebrate the cooler weather by eating and drinking my way around the city. If you have any favorite places that capture the spirit and flavors of Fall leave them in the comments below!

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Kate grew up in sunny San Diego and is a beach girl at heart. She moved to the Bay Area to attend Cal (Go Bears!), where she studied Sociology and met her husband Zack. She has a Masters in Education from UC Santa Cruz and taught middle school in Santa Rosa and Austin, Texas before her son Henry was born in 2016. The family of three moved to San Francisco in February 2017 and miss good barbeque, but enjoy exploring the city together. Kate loves spending time outdoors with Henry, usually hiking or hanging out at the playground. When Henry is sleeping, you can find her cooking, curled up on the couch with a new book or working on her headstand in a yoga class.


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