The Genius Hack to Piggybacking with Your Hands Free


Do you have big little kids (a.k.a. toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners)? Well, folks, I have found a secret weapon. To describe this item, we only have two words for you: game changer. This device is quite possibly the ultimate hack to piggybacking your hefty offsprings, and it allows you to do so HANDS-FREE. That’s right, we said it – piggyback with your hands dangling free. Free to wash your hands, free to pick your nose, free to take a swig of your favorite (non-alcoholic) beverage, free to hold onto a railing to steady yourself, free to take pictures of the Disneyland parade, free to hold your bigger little kid’s hand AND carry shopping bags with the other hand, free to do a loud hand whistle to cheer on the Warriors/Giants/A’s/Sharks, free to pee behind a bush (this one is more for the dads), free to carry a food tray, etc. The possibilities are endless. This will allow you to live out the American parents’ dream.

As if having your hands back isn’t enough, your big little ones will also have a vantage point equivalent to being on your back and even on your shoulders. They will be hovering over you, squealing in delight at the zoo animals that you can’t quite see over that guy’s massive head in front of you. Your hips will also be free of a koala hold. And remember the days when your big little one could still fit in a carrier? Well, we’ve found one that kids older than two years and up to 50lbs can fit in – or more precisely, stand on. This device is compact and lightweight, making it super portable and easy to store in the car trunk. The sturdy, unisex design functions like a standard backpack, distributing the child’s weight at your core enabling a natural upright posture. Simply have your big little one stand firmly on the shoulder-strap mounted bar and strap them in with the harness for security. For added security, there are also grab handles and safety tether.

Oh, sorry, are we teasing you? Are we leading you on? Need us to get to the point? Loving what you’re reading about this awesome kid gear? Would you like me to share the link so you can just buy the dang thing already?


Enjoy your Piggyback Rider!

You’re welcome.




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