SF Museum of Modern Art with Tiny Humans


SFMOMA1Planning an outing to an art museum with our kids can be nerve wrecking. The thought of having to be financially responsible for an expensive painting damaged by our children usually strikes out the art museum as an option for a family activity. Children under 5 cannot read the signs that read “Do not touch artwork”.  The ones that can read it, dismiss it.  In all fairness to some of the tiny humans, even some adults who can read these signs, dismiss them too.  The white walls alone scream, “touch me with your dirty hands”!  Last weekend, I took my two tiny humans to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA).  It was the first time I planned a family activity to an art museum.  We got thru the day with no damage to any art pieces, but they could not resist rubbing a few white walls with their semi-clean hands.

My friends with younger children than mine often ask, “When is a good age to take my kids to an art museum?”.  My answer to their question is always “When you feel they are ready”.  I can’t provide a straight answer for a specific age and honestly no parent can.  For those wondering, I currently have an 8 year old and a 7 year old.  At their age’s, I felt they were ready for an art Museum. Only you would know your child’s behavior and patience level best for an art museum. Regardless of your child’s age, if you believe they can last at least 3 – 4 hours at an art museum without breaking or touching a valuable art piece, then by all means-schedule that family adventure to the SF MOMA!  


Some things to know when visiting SF MOMA  with your tiny humans:

  1. Parking is expensive! Nothing new to locals but for visitors, be prepared to shell out $20+.
  2. SFMOMA has 7 Floors of art exhibits; a day is not enough to see everything.  Visit the website and create a list of exhibits & artists you are interested in seeing so you can move past the floors with exhibits & artists that don’t peak your interests.
  3. Art exhibits and pieces consist of both G-rated and R-rated pieces.
  4. Admission for attendees 18 and under are FREE! But you still have to get a ticket online for the staff to scan.
  5. Purchase your tickets online for a set museum entry time prior to scheduled visit.  This will help avoid the busy ticket station.
  6. Families with strollers should enter from the 3rd St. entrance where elevators are available.
  7. Families with tiny humans able to trek up a flight of stairs, enter via Howard st. for a less congested entrance area.  There are no elevators on this side but a one floor trek up the stairs will get you to the 2nd floor with elevators.
  8. Pack some snacks!  We all know tiny humans can request snack breaks at anytime.  Snack break sessions are best on the 3rd or 5th floor cafes.  We didn’t make it to the 5th floor, but the 3rd floor cafe had huge interactive screens for kids to play with.
  9. Comfortable shoes is a must! Pretty obvious but just a reminder.
  10. Enjoy watching their little minds expand from the art knowledge they absorb during the visit.


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