Pearachute Is Your Inside Track to the Best Drop-In Kids Classes in SF

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Pearachute drop in kids activities
Exploring the SF Zoo through Pearachute

Looking for activities to do with your child, but not sure what the options are? Don’t want to commit to a series of weekly sessions before you’re sure your child will like it? Then, Pearachute is your answer. Pearachute is a membership that lets you search, schedule, and drop in to the best kids’ classes near you, all with the ease of an app. It is super easy to sign up for classes, and they will be ready for you when you arrive.

How It Works

To join, you’ll choose the plan that works best for you. Based on that plan, a certain number of credits will be deposited into your account. Then, you search for activities by day, time, location, type (art, sports, etc.,) or just view them all.

You can click on anything that interests you for more details without having to jump over to the company’s main website. I like to know even more about the class and business before I sign up, so I found myself opening a new page in my browser to check out their main page, anyway. 

Pearachute lists the amount of credits it takes to attend each activity, and when you book a class that amount is deducted from your account. Now, you can see that I like to do my research, and I found that you can usually save a few bucks by signing up for classes through Pearachute, rather than paying directly through the business’s site.

Once I became familiar with the app’s formatting, it became easier to sign up on the go, right from my phone. After you sign up, Pearachute sends you an email with all the confirmation details, and you’re all set to make some new memories. 

Pearachute drop in kids classes
Exploring Playhaven

Why I Love It 

  1. It opened my eyes to activities and play spaces that I didn’t know existed. 
  2. I get to expose my son to lots of new activities, and now that I’ve seen how much he enjoys certain things, I feel more comfortable signing him up for a series of classes.
  3. The credit system they use helps me keep track of how much I am spending on activities.  
  4. I can easily coordinate classes with other mothers, so that our kids can do activities together.  
  5.  The plans are flexible. You can cancel your membership at any time, or you can cancel a class you’ve scheduled up to one hour in advance of its start time without incurring any fees or losing credits.  Super cool, right!?
pearachute drop in kids classes
More fun at the SF Zoo

Pearachute recently launched in the Bay Area and continues to build relationships with more local businesses, so the library of classes and activities listed on the website keeps growing. They work with over 100 partners and have  37,700 monthly spots available on the schedule across the SF Bay Area. They re-launched their site last month to correspond with their entrance into the Bay Area and continue to work on making it easy to use for their members. 

Their customer support is also great. I contacted them with a question, and they were on top of returning my email and handled everything satisfactorily. All in all, I highly recommend giving Pearachute a try. You will be happy you did, and so will your kid(s)!

Want to give Pearachute a try? For a limited time, get your first month on Pearachute’s 4 Credit Plan for only $1 (orig. $39) by using promo code SF-MOM at checkout. 


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