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I have two crazy toddlers, a more-than-full-time job, and two high maintenance pets.  Between work, parenting, and taking care of house and home, it’s sometimes hard to remember that I need to have a little “me” time on occasion! But last month, I seized a Sunday afternoon.  I ditched the kids, grabbed a friend, and headed up the peninsula for  a boozy brunch.  Even better, we then headed over to the de Young in Golden Gate Park for a little culture.  So fun!

I always enjoy museums – but let’s be honest… museum tours are always a little slow, awkward, and stuffy.  That’s why I was so excited that we had the opportunity to tour the de Young with Museum Hack.

The six of us hadn’t met before, but we had a great time together for two hours at the de Young.

Museum Hack is unlike any other tour I’ve ever done.  Instead of a bookish tour guide spouting off facts, we had Casey – a young, interesting woman with infectious enthusiasm and the story behind the story on every piece of art. Instead of quietly moving from exhibit to exhibit listening to rote background, we shaped our own tour, participated in some fun interactive challenges, and got some juicy gossip behind the museum and the works of art inside of it.  I was a little worried at first that I’d be required to answer tough questions or embarrass myself in other ways, but my fears were unfounded.  Everyone in the group was really open and supportive, and Casey didn’t put any pressure on anyone to do anything we didn’t want to do.  All in all, I saw the de Young in a way that I’d never seen it before, and had a ball!

I would normally pass this by (probably thinking, “I could paint that myself!”).  Instead, Casey filled us in on the fascinating context of this painting… including a live reenactment of Kate Warne – a powerful female detective and spy – helping to thwart an assassination attempt on Abraham Lincoln.  

Who knew?

Two hours flew by, and by the end of it I felt relaxed, restored, smarter, and hipper.  The tour was a great way to spend time with my friend and soak in a little culture.  It’s not kid-friendly, per se (unless you have a miracle child who behaves in a museum or small baby who can sleep in a carrier), but it was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. I did the “un-highlights” tour, which is the general tour.  Next time, I’m going to try the “BB” tour (we can’t publish the real name… it’s too cool!) and get a little unconventional insight into all the great female artists with works on display.  Can’t wait!

One of our challenges was to find an exhibit that showed a subject that was “ready to party.”  At the end of the tour, we all compared our finds. This was mine… it seemed clear to me that this woman was a mother, and that mischievous smile on her face made me think that she must have gotten away for a little “me” time… party time!

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