Looking for a Fun Girls’ Night Out? Check out Ambiance SF!


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Have you ever dreamed about a girls’ night where you and your closest friends have private access to an amazing women’s boutique with hundreds of outfits, shoes and accessories at your fingertips? Oh and what if they served you snacks and champagne? Well dream no more ladies, this amazing evening can be yours at the Ambiance SF Boutique!

I recently had the opportunity to host a private party there with eight of my closest friends, and we had such a blast! Julie, the District Manager, greeted us all by name at the door, welcoming us with a glass of champagne and big smiles. We were then quickly oriented to the store, including the tremendous sale selection, before being encouraged to start looking around.

I must mention that the customer service at Ambiance was phenomenal! All of the sales associates were helpful and easily available, but never pushy. They had great styling advice based on our needs and preferences, ranging from work outfits, dresses for special occasions, to more relaxed day-to-day clothing and accessories. There were also private dressing rooms available for each of us, with plenty of space and comfort.

If you are considering hosting your own private shopping party at Ambiance, I suggest you stop by one of their locations first to check it out! You will find that they emphasize variety, affordability, and a very personal shopping experience. Here is some more information from Ambiance SF Owner, Donna O’Leary herself:

1) Ambiance has been voted “Best Women’s Clothing Store” and “Best Women’s Boutique” several years running. What do you think is unique about Ambiance that sets it apart from other women’s clothing stores?

Other than our carefully selected and edited assortment of clothing and accessories, I would say our customer service. We employ more staff so the client can get styling advice and help when she needs it. We also carry everything you might need, so we can sell you the complete outfit, like a mini-department store with a non-corporate boutique flair. 

2) How did Ambiance first get started? What are your goals for the clothing stores over the next 5-10 years?

We bought Ambiance in 1996.  It had one location in the Haight-Ashbury and had been there since 1983. I worked in the fashion business for 10 years prior to buying Ambiance, and my husband and I always wanted to own our own store. Our goals are to possibly open another location and start selling on-line.

3) What has been the hardest part about being in the fashion business? The most rewarding?

The fashion business like any other depends on hiring and retaining great personnel. That is the hardest challenge and yet the most rewarding part. Great businesses are not built by the owners alone.  

The second hardest part is staying on top of current trends and the changing tastes of your demographic. Like any other business, it is hard work, not all that glamorous but one that has a glamorous end result. We live and breathe fashion. After 20 years in the business, I am still excited before each and every buying show.

4) The customer service at Ambiance has been rated top notch. What do you teach your employees that seems to make such a difference? 

We have a complete in-depth training program written by us. I had 1500 personal clients before I started Ambiance, so the training is based on my own experience in selling clothing. Our managers uphold the customer service standards and insist upon it from our staff. 

unnamed (2)5) What else would you like our readers to know about Ambiance SF?

We love everything about the fashion business, and we like people. We designed our business model with a range of prices from low to higher, so everyone could shop with us. In other words, we are trying to include everyone in our potential customer base.

Please check out Ambiance SF at http://www.ambiancesf.com/ for more information.

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