San Francisco’s Best-Kept Secret in Kids Music Revealed


Kids music classes abound in San Francisco. Lucky for us moms of toddlers and babies, we could take our kids to two music classes a day, seven days a week, and still not run out of options.  

But one stands above the rest: Breakfast with Enzo.

kids music entertainment san francisco

It’s a musical show for children, not a music class, Enzo will be quick to tell you.  And what a show it is!  Within the 50-55 minute set, children hear original music played on a guitar, accordion, banjo, drums, as well as non-traditional “instruments” including a musical saw, train whistle, jaw harp, looping pedal, and the home-made instrument he refers to as the enzotar.  The lyrics are simple yet intriguing and memorable (I’ve found myself humming his tunes to myself, hours after the show has ended), but best of all, Enzo is a talented performer with a love for children.  

He engages with each child in the room, bringing instruments to them, chasing them around the room during the “shark” song, calling their names to participate in the “raccoon” song.  This is not a sit-back and watch type of class.  Expect to fall over like a tree, toss “pizzas” into the air, stand up and dance around, and engage with your children throughout.  

Breakfast with Enzo is enjoyable for all ages, but the audience is usually made up of babies, toddlers and preschoolers.  He has a very loyal following, including my family, who have attended his shows since our now-3-year-old was just 4 months old. Before and after the show, Enzo is more than happy to oblige a toddler’s curiosity by inviting the little ones to take a closer look at the percussion instruments or pressing the buttons on the accordion. With his friendly and welcoming nature, he fosters a sense of community, learning, and musical appreciation in even the smallest of attendees.

Enzo performs at Sports Basement Presidio on Thursday and Friday mornings from 10am – 12 noon.  As an added bonus for us schedule-challenged Moms, classes are all on a drop-in basis, and you can arrive and depart anytime within the 10am – noon window.  No semester-long commitments or worrying if you’re running 10 minutes late.  His shows also run at the Muir Woods Park Community Clubhouse on the first and third Wednesday of the month.  Check his website or Facebook page for schedule details.  


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