How to Improve Your Quality Family Time with a Family Fun Box


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contents of a family fun box on display

My family and I recently tried out Family Fun Box and now I want to share our experience with you! We loved how the box we received was a personally tailored experience to our interests. 

Before receiving our Family Fun Box, I filled out an online questionnaire. It asked me the basics: how many kids, their ages, etc, but it also went a step further. The Family Fun Box survey had detailed questions about our family’s interests and preferred activities. It was clear when I received the box that the company took these details into consideration and that they are focused on supporting local businesses and activities.

We were all so excited when the box arrived! Upon opening it, my daughter, my husband, and I all squealed with delight (ok, my husband did not squeal). 

We are an outdoorsy, science-minded group, and the first things my three-and-half-year-old noticed were a pair of binoculars and a flashlight. These two items are actually her primary fascination lately. The magnifying glass also went over well. She didn’t know what the jar with a magnifying top was, so we decided to play with that first. 

preschool girl playing with item from a family fun box

We took a nature walk and were able to place small stones, leaves, ants, and a roly poly bug inside to examine them up close. 

The Family Fun box also came with a foldable blanket for packing on hikes. We hike once a week and we have used that for several hikes so far.

We will also bring the picnic blanket and science tools on our trip to Muir Woods—tickets to the park were also included in the box.

Hiking is a big family activity for us, but as the rainy season kicks into gear, we look for other options. We were thrilled to see passes to the Children’s Creativity Museum in our Family Fun Box as well. It’s one of our favorite rainy day spots, and we hadn’t yet seen the newly remodeled upper level.

So far we have certainly had family fun with the Family Fun Box! This subscription really stands out because the boxes are expertly curated for your family’s individual style and interests. You should definitely try it!

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