Tracy’s Favorite Things; Must Haves for #MomLife


I swear, every year I tell myself I will gift all of my favorite people presents that are ‘Oprah-worthy.’ Not because they are expensive, luxurious, or hard-to-find, but because they are things that make my life easier (there is a little luxury in here, I have to admit).

So rather than going out and buying everything to send out (with all of the delays, who knows when they would get delivered to them anyway), I am sharing them here. I hope you will find something on my list to gift yourself and make #MomLife just a little easier.

For the kitchen

Things for the kitchen might not be the most glamorous gifts, but if it can save us moms time and tears (ours, not the kids), then it is worth it!

An oven liner

I HATE cleaning my oven. So in order to go longer in between cleanings, get an oven liner. It will catch everything: like all of that drippy cheese when you put in a pizza without a cookie sheet underneath it. A great bonus – you are using less harsh chemicals in your home and you don’t have to have the oven on self-cleaning mode where it gets to a million degrees!

Dish Soap Sponge

This might not be the official name for this product but it’s what we call it in our house. Don’t want to fill up a whole sink of soapy water to wash one thing? This is perfect for the job.

Drying Mat

Sticking with dishwashing – a job that is never done – add this drying mat to your kitchen arsenal. I find them better to use than a towel because they are thicker and stay put. You can throw them in the washing machine when needed. Get two!

Kitchen Scissors

A lifetime ago, when I was babysitting, the parents ordered pizza for us for dinner. When it arrived, they brought out the kitchen scissors to cut the pizza in bite-sized portions for the kids. Genius! I now use kitchen scissors for everything; from cutting pizza, trimming fat, dicing, etc. We have 5 pairs at the moment.

Kitchen Degreaser

This stuff is amazing! I use it on my oven hood, under the burners, on grill grates, greasy pans, and more! A little goes a long way.

Cleaning Made Easy

Yes, I know, more cleaning. But I tell you, if it saves time, it is a necessity for #MomLife.

Shower Door Cleaner

Before we got our soft water system installed, the water was rough; on our skin, hair, dishes, and shower glass. This stuff works wonders. Rub it on the glass and then use a squeegee to clean it off. Like new!

Mr. Clean Eraser

These should be called magic erasers! They get rid of everything – smudges on walls, baseboards, use with the kitchen degreaser for an even better clean, and even paint dings on cars.

A Little Indulgence


I suffer from plantar fasciitis and being home during shelter-in-place and even working from home now, has made it worse. These slippers are a lifesaver as I walk around on my hardwood floors. They are so comfortable that I have found myself walking the aisles of Target in them because I forgot to put “real” shoes on.

Body Cream

I have to admit that I am addicted to lotion and chapstick. This body cream is a true indulgence but worth every penny. There is just a light scent to it and a little goes a long way.

Cold Tea Infuser

I drink a lot of water but sometimes I like to mix it up. These infusers are great. Just add your favorite loose leaf tea (or I have also just added tea bags) and leave it in the fridge to work its magic.

What is on your list? What are the things that make #MomLife easier for you? I promise if you gift some of these to those in your mom tribe, you will be a hero.


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