Ode to Our Mothers


Mothers are the unsung heroes in our lives, giving selflessly and tirelessly and often with little or no thanks in return. Rather than focus on my own experiences of being a mother, I wanted to write about what I and the other contributors at San Francisco Moms Blog found important about the mothers in all of our lives.

What follows is a collection of lessons learned, musings, and memories about our moms and the other women who’ve influenced us. This is our love letter to you. Happy Mother’s Day!


For loving me unconditionally and selflessly,

For instilling in me the importance of making my own money,

For encouraging me to follow my dreams;

For teaching me to live life with passion and compassion,

For all of our early morning talks and grocery store shops:

“Produce at the grocery store is best first thing in the morning,” you said.

“Don’t go to bed if your hair is still wet.”

“When you grow up and have kids, make sure they’re well-fed.”

For disciplining us when we were naughty,

For giving us hugs, snuggles, and kisses constantly,

Even as an adult, I never tire of these!

For teaching me to balance a checkbook, create and stick to a budget,

For reminding me that there is always enough to be generous to others;

For teaching me how to eat, cook good food, and appreciate when someone else cooks for me,

For welcoming everyone to our home with gracious hospitality,

And for making sure no one left hungry;

For instilling in me the value of manners and sharing,

For helping me the most when I needed your caring;

For being present at every hospital stay no matter the duration,

For helping me realize my potential despite my diagnosis; 

For being honest with me about the big and small things in life,

For showing me how to be a good mother and wife;

For exuding warmth and care even when I rolled my eyes,

For calling my sibs and I “angels,” “sweeties,” and “cutie pies;”

For working hard for us every day,

But teaching us that it’s important to play;

For teaching me to keep a clean home,

Especially when I moved on my own,

For being my first mentor in looking pretty, multi-tasking, and running a home;

For always being interested in my life,

Even when my choices may have caused you strife;

For reminding me that my husband is a good dad,

Even when I’m annoyed and complain that he’s bad;

For telling me I’m beautiful, strong and make you proud,

Especially when I’m rundown, tired, and my head’s in a cloud;

For being supportive and never judging,

For cheering me on when I need a good nudging;

For watching my swim meets and somersaults,

For being blind to all of my faults;

For your sense of humor and easy going ways,

For our trip to Cape Town, you babysat 14 days!

For loving my daughters with all of your heart,

For visiting often, though we live far apart;

For telling me that I didn’t need a spouse “to be happy,”

For encouraging us to pray and read daily;

For getting healthy and staying fit,

So that you can be best “grandma,” “lola,” and “mama” to your grandkids;

You are the mother I aspire to be,

You look like you’re “living” effortlessly,

With a heart as wide and as vast as the sea,

And the gumption to stand tall in all adversity.

Today, we celebrate and honor you.

For all our moms near and far, we love you.


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