How to Make a Sugar-Free Easter Basket


Marshmallow chick in Easter basket

I am all about the chocolate bunnies and sugary Peeps (my favorite) on Easter, but I don’t want to put all that stuff in my son’s Easter basket.  Maybe I will have one special treat, but I wanted to find other things I can use to make his Easter basket exciting and fun to explore on Easter morning.  So, here is my list of sugar-free things to put in an Easter basket!

Books: My son loves books! Go to Amazon and find a new book for your child.  Get one on the smaller side, so it fits nicely in the basket.  You can find a religious book to go with the Easter theme or just something fun your child has never seen before.

A Fisher-Price Doodle Pro:  My son has one of these and he LOVES it!  It’s compact and an easy way for him to draw anywhere without making a mess or having to bring multiple crayons or markers out and about.

Crayola Egg Crayons:  I used this idea last year, and they are great for little ones who are just starting to grab and who aren’t ready to master a real crayon.  They are large and in the shape of eggs, how perfect!

Annie’s snacks:  These aren’t completely sugar-free, but Annie’s has fruit snacks and crackers in the shape of bunnies!  You can purchase them online and at most grocery stores, including Whole Foods. My son loves these, and they make a great alternative to other chocolate treats.  You can also place them inside of hidden Easter eggs instead of jelly beans!  That’s what our Easter bunny will be doing this year.

Socks:  Ok, so this sounds crazy, but my son loves socks.  I try to buy him “fun” character socks for bedtime, and each night he gets so excited picking them out.  For Easter, I found Batman socks on Amazon. Super cute and super cheap. He will love them.  

Melissa and Doug small wooden puzzles:  Here is one exampleMy son is obsessed with these puzzles.  You can find all different themes online and collect them all.  The boxes are small and would easily fit in your Easter basket.

VTech Smart Friends:  VTech has little friends that are sold individually, so you don’t have to buy a huge VTech system. Here is an example.  These are a perfect new toy/ friend that won’t break the bank or your basket!

Stickers and Temporary tattoos:  These are always a hit and can easily be place inside hidden Easter eggs as well!


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