How Long ‘Til We Go to Grandma’s? How to Count Down to Fun Events


Kids are concrete and time is abstract. I love sharing our future plans with our children so they have the joy of anticipating fun events and trips. What I don’t love is the constant questions:

How many days until our trip to Joshua Tree?

How long until we go see Grandma?

How many days until my birthday?

And currently,

How many days until Christmas?

Whatever the occasion, here is one quick tip that will save your nerves and the possibility of snapping a snarky comment to your child when they ask you the same question for the umpteenth time.

A paper chain.

[easy-image-collage id=4986]


It is plain and simple. We do this for the days left of school, days until their birthday, days until we leave for vacations, and we just made one for the days until Christmas. I am no longer asked how many days until these events. Instead, I am informed that we only have X number of days until this or that event. It is part of the bedtime routine after we read books, they tear off a paper chain, recount the days left, go brush their teeth, and go to bed. There is security in anticipating these abstract plans with concrete evidence with which kids can countdown.

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Keep it simple with paper or add some bling with markers, glitter, or paint. It’s up to you. For us, we keep it simple. And please don’t mind the blue tape. I’m just keeping’ it real cause this is how we roll! Cheers to the chain answering the questions!



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