Home Decorating Ideas for the Holidays


Decorating for the holidays can be a joyous occasion, especially if you love the season. However, partaking in the same traditions and activities year after year can get old, even boring. This time, liven up your home with holiday cheer, using fresh new ideas and techniques. Here are a few tips to help you deck the halls!

Add Garland in Unexpected Places

Put garland and tinsel around the mantel. Perhaps it goes around the doors and window frames in your main living space, as well. Enhance the holiday cheer in your home by draping garland in unexpected rooms. Consider placing it over the windows in your kitchen or even the headboard in your bedroom. If you go that route, make sure to add some mistletoe, too.

Bring Out Holiday-Themed Pieces

The holidays are the perfect time to bring out unique home decor that will get everyone in the mood to celebrate. From Santa Claus canisters to tasteful bowls, candles to serving platters, you can sprinkle your home with holiday cheer in every room. Feel free to add something new to your collection each year. Display a mixture of new decor items and tried-and-true favorites.

Explore a Fresh Color Palette

Red and gold, red and green, red and white – the traditional holiday color palettes are lovely, but they can get a bit boring. Experiment with new shades this year. Consider a candy-coated holiday experience with an assortment of pastel hues. Blue and silver will pack a punch. Burgundy and copper offer a new twist to red and gold. You can be funky with neon or make it dramatic with a darker palette that includes black, hunter green, or navy blue.

Hang Ornaments Everywhere

Who says that holiday ornaments only belong on the tree? Hang them everywhere to foster a festive environment. They can dangle from the garland and tinsel, lighting fixtures, plant hooks, and support beams. If you can safely do so, then think about hanging them from the ceiling. Talk about a magical effect!

DIY Old-Fashioned Decor

Harken back to the holidays of yesteryear by crafting your own old-fashioned decor. We’ve all read about or seen the iconic holiday scene that involves the hanging of homemade garlands and wreaths. Create a fragrant wreath with evergreen boughs, clementines, and cloves. String popcorn and cranberries into a colorful garland. It might become a new holiday tradition for the family.

Repurpose Holiday Cards

Already amassed a collection of thoughtful holiday cards? Display them in an inventive way. Hang them from the tree, the ceiling, or the garland, along with your ornaments. If you have cards with beautiful artwork on the front, think about having them framed and hanging them on the wall or standing them on your entryway table. You can also arrange your cards on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Get Creative with the Tree(s)

Sometimes, putting up the tree is a bit of a hassle. Then again, sometimes you love the tree so much that you wish you could put one up in every room. The solution to both problems is the same: tiny trees. Swap your full-size tree for a small potted tree or an artificial fir, then add your favorite ornaments. To spread your holiday cheer throughout your home, put up small trees in the entryway, the dining room, and the den.

Display DIY Prints

Did you have a family holiday portrait taken for the year? Are there holiday-inspired illustrations or pages from books that fill your heart with joy? Place these precious items in picture frames and show them off to all of your guests.

How do you decorate for the holidays? What are some of your favorite pieces, and how do you display them?

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