Halloween Stories


Halloween is a magical night, you get to dress up and be whoever you want to be. You can really take it to another level and let your creativity come alive.

My birthday is the day before Halloween, so it has always been an exciting day for me. As a child we really went all out for Halloween and decorated our house and dressed up. Halloween night was always a big event. We would go all over the neighborhood and it felt like hundreds of kids came out to enjoy trick or treating.

It wasn’t until junior high that I remember the trick or treating really slowed down. Less and less kids would trick or treat, and since I kind of aged out of the trick or treating I still found it fun to decorate and hand out candy. Event that seemed to happen less and less.

My most magical Halloween happened right before I turned 21. It was at a Halloween party three days before October 31st that changed my life forever. My best friend told me about a Halloween party in the city, Daly City to be exact. We planned out some sassy outfits. To be honest I have no clue where I came up with my look, I was a punk rock ballerina, truly my alter ego. I had a hot pink pixie wig, light pink corset, pink tutu skirt, black sultry fishnets and sexy platform boots that went to my thighs. I never would dress that way, but that night I was my alter ego, sexy and sassy. We did our makeup, and it was amazing! We looked so good! It took hours to complete because we all worked until 9pm that night so we didn’t even arrive to the party until 12am.

But that night was different, we had a whole other electric charge. When we arrived sadly, the party was already almost over, but we didn’t care. We were still up for anything and there happened to be three guys there and ready to party with us. I didn’t feel like I was the typical Erin. I was laughing, joking and story telling. The other guys thought I was funny and they actually seemed to be having just as much fun. But they were different than any other guys, at least one was very different. As we all connected and enjoyed the night, one of them looked at me from across the room. Normally, I’m very shy, and could never lock eyes with someone like that. But this night was different and the most magical thing was about to happen.

I locked eyes with him, and instantly the biggest spark happened. It hit me hard and I never smiled so much. Like the song, ‘lightning striked me and I’ll never be the same again’. The rest of the night was a bit hazy because we partied until the early morning. But I was still ballsy and put my phone number in his phone. See I was the only “white girl” there so I put myself in as “the white girl” hoping he wouldn’t forget who I was. I was really hoping we would see each other again. I remember the feeling I got whenever I thought about him. The butterflies were flying so high when I thought about him. Little did I know, I had just met the love of my life, my soul mate, and my one true love.

It’s been 14 years since that night and here we are three kids later, happily married. So yes, Halloween might just be the night you dress up and get candy, but for me it was the most magical night that I will forever remember and it still gives me butterflies.

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Erin is a mom of two beautiful little girls and a brand new baby boy. She has a bachelor's degree in Business Marketing from San Francisco State, and her career as a VP of Operations for a cosmetics company was her game for a long time. But once she became a mom everything changed, she wanted life to slow down and focus her energy on raising her children. She is fortunate to be married to a wonderful husband who is a frontline hero, Respiratory Therapist, at Kaiser. Being a stay-at-home mom has been such an incredible journey and she enjoys life’s great adventures. Erin enjoys reading, working out, being a foodie, crafting, and always a good laugh.


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