Halloween Craft Ideas


Looking for a fun Halloween craft to do with young toddlers? Or how about something to send Grandma to say Happy Halloween?  We’ve got 2 ideas here that make an adorable keepsake!

We just made these MONSTER cards to send to the grandparents!

Here’s how you can make them!

First use green and white paint to make footprints.  I used white and black paper so the paint would really stand out, but you can get creative and use different colors! If you are creating this card from two different children, make one child the green and the other child the white, so you can have a footprint from each child on the card.  With more than 2 kids, you can create any combination of these two footprint ideas to make your card! 


Next cut out your ghosts and use a black sharpie to draw in the eyes and mouth.

Place on your construction paper- don’t glue on yet!

Next glue on the eyes, and use a sharpie to draw in the accents that make Frankenstein complete! Then, cut out the footprint and place it on your construction paper.  (If you have an older child, you can actually paint their toes black to include them in the footprint, but with younger kids, it works better to go back and draw in the black circles over the toes!)

Finally, place all your footprints on your construction paper, glue them into place, and add your message!  Make sure to include the date with names and ages of your children!  

Happy Halloween!



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