{Confessions of a Food Allergy Mom} Halloween Treats Besides Candy


food allergy safe halloween treatsEvery mom and dentist appreciates when children receive a Halloween treat other than candy, but you know who else love it? Food allergy kids!

If you plan to offer food allergy friendly treats this Halloween, thanks for sharing the love. You can spread the word by adding yourself to Food Allergy Research & Education’s Teal Pumpkin Project Participation Map.

food allergy safe halloween treats

The Teal Pumpkin Project works to promote food allergy awareness and trick-or-treat inclusion, and you don’t have to buy that pricey teal pumpkin at the store to participate. Food Allergy & Research Education (FARE) has free resources like printable signs you can post to let food allergy families know you have something their children can enjoy!

Don’t want to pass out the usual plastic spiders and vampire teeth? Here are some fun and wallet-friendly ideas that will make your house or Halloween party the coolest on the block.

Bubbles! – When in doubt, bubbles usually can fix anything.

Crayons – Creativity instead of cavities! A perfect little packet of color that you can stash in the car or take on the go.

Fun sunglasses – Festive and silly, these sunglasses add some oomph to your child’s Halloween costume, or are good for everyday play.

Gliders – Having your LOs busy with assembly and then being busy with playtime after is a treat for moms too.

Pirate eye patches – These are fun for the kids and also good for parents who get their child to do things by talking in silly voices.

Stampers – Self ink stamps are a kid favorite. Get a non-Halloween assortment to make them relevant for other occasions in case of leftovers.

Stickers – A tried and true treat for kids. Get glow in the dark or popular characters to up the cool factor.

Toy cars – How did I just find out that The Dollar Tree has a website!? Buy a case and these beauts are around 33 cents each!

What will you be passing out this Halloween? Thanks for considering the joy of food allergy children!


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