Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Gift and handmade card

The Grill Man – for the dad who loves to grill.  

  • You can make him an apron, cutting board, or plate with the kid’s hand prints on it and write “Grill King” Or Personalize one of these grilling accessories.
  • New tools, grill cleaning brush or gift card to Sur La Table, so he can pick out his own grilling gear.
  • New BBQ sauces, meat rubs, or a gift card to his favorite spot to buy his meat.

The Sports Man – for the dad who loves all things sports.

The Health Man – for that dad who takes great care of his health and enjoys working out.

  • A massage appointment at a favorite spa or at Oceanic spa, which specializes in foot massage.
  • GNC gift card
  • Classes at a new gym or yoga studio.
  • New workout gear at Lululemon or Nordstrom.
  • Men’s Health magazine subscription.

The Fashion Man – for the dad who loves all things clothing & accessories.

  • A new watch inscribed on the inside.
  • New custom cuff links.
  • Subscription to a wardrobe box. You can have men’s clothing and accessories sent to him to keep him looking great and not asking you so many “What color shoes do I wear with this shirt?” & “Are you sure this looks ok?” questions!

The Drink Man – for the dad that loves all thing beer, wine, cocktail & coffee related.


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