Fall Crafts


Fall is officially here, and there are beautiful leaves all over this area.  So, why not collect a few and use them to make Fall crafts with the kiddos!  

First, give your little one the task of collecting leaves of all different colors, shapes, and sizes on your next walk. This is a great learning opportunity. “Which leaf is bigger?”  “What color is this leaf?” Honestly, the hunt for leaves was almost as fun as the crafts themselves! We filled a gallon-sized zip lock bag with leaves to have enough for our crafts. 

Fall Wreath

What you need:

  • Poster board, any color will work.  We used gold which blended well with the leaves. 
  • Hot glue gun- for parents to use only!
  • Fall Leaves
  • Ribbon

How to:

  • Cut out a large circle from your poster board.  I used a large salad bowl as a stencil. Then trace a smaller circle (I used another bowl) inside the circle to make the outline of the wreath.  
  • Cut your wreath out. 
  • Pick out and glue on your leaves.  Let your child do all the selecting, and you do all the hot glue work.  (Regular glue doesn’t work well here because of the textures of the leaves)
  • Once your wreath is full, glue on your bow.
  • Then glue a loop of ribbon on the backside, so you can hang your wreath!


Hand Print Tree

What you need:

  • Hot glue gun- for parents to use only!
  • Green construction paper
  • Brown paint
  • Brown marker
  • Fall Leaves

How to:

  • Paint your child’s hand and make a brown hand print on your green construction paper. 
  • Hot glue a leaf to the tip of each finger.  Let you child select the leaf, while you do all the hot glue gun work. 
  • Split a larger leaf in half and glue on the tree trunk.
  • Write your Fall message with your child’s name and date using a brown marker. 

*Make sure to take a photo of these crafts, as you won’t want to keep them in the baby book, etc.  Dry leaves make a mess 🙂

Happy Fall! Let us see your crafts: Use #mpmomsblog to possibly be featured on our Instagram account! 




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