3 Ideas for Easter Fun With the Kids!


This Easter bunny cake looks fancy but is actually super easy to make. You’ll only need two, 9″ inch round cakes to create the shape. Check out the instructions below, as well as how to make a keepsake Easter wreath with your kids and a quick and easy game for your little ones using plastic Easter eggs. 

Easter Bunny Cake


Box of cake mix- your choice, and make sure to pick up what is needed to complete the box (oil, eggs, water, etc.)

Coconut flakes

Easter colored M&M’s or Jellybeans 

Vanilla Frosting, two containers

How to do it: 

First, bake the cake!  Instead of making one large cake, bake two 9″ inch round cakes.  Once you have the cakes baked, let them cool completely, then carefully take them out of the pan over wax paper.  The first cake you leave as is- this is the face of the bunny.  The second cake will be cut (use a large bread knife) to create the bow tie and ears.  Follow the dotted lines below to make your cuts:

Once you have your 4 pieces: The head, 2 ears, and a bow tie.  Place them on a cookie sheet and refrigerate.  (It is easier to frost a cake that has cut sides if it is cold!)

Once, your cake is cold, allow your little one to frost with the vanilla frosting, putting your bunny together! Press coconut flakes all over the face and ears to create the bunny fur! (not on the tie!)

Then, have fun with M&M’s or Jellybeans to create the face and decorate the tie.  The top picture shows M&M’s, and last year’s photo below shows jelly beans- it’s up to you!


Easter Wreath

What you need:

White paper

Crayons, markers, or paint

Egg shaped cookie cutter




1 sheet of construction paper (yellow pictured)

White poster board

How to make it:

Let your child color the white paper completely, edge to edge, using markers, crayons, dot paints, finger paint, whatever!

Flip the paper over, and trace egg cookie cutter to make as many eggs as you can.     

On a poster board, use a large bowl and then a smaller bowl to trace out a wreath. Then cut your eggs and your wreath out. 


Glue your eggs around your wreath! Have your child write “Happy Easter” on the construction paper and glue it in the center of your wreath. (you can write this for younger kids!) Punch or cut a hole and hang your wreath with ribbon! The pictured bunny ears are optional! 


The Easiest Easter Game 


Take apart plastic Easter eggs and have your child look for the matching colors to put the eggs back together. 

“What color is this egg?”

“Where is the other half?”

“Can you find the blue one?”

You get the idea! 


Have fun with your kids this Easter season!

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