Best Gifts for Grandchildren – 2021 Holiday Gift Guide


Grandparents always have the dilemma of striking a balance between not showing up Santa or the parents, while gifting stand-out presents that would be cherished and used / played with – not to mention, the presents also need to be parent-approved and not a super annoying toy that will leave the parents scowling for all future family gatherings. On that note, we put together an ultimate list of gift ideas for grandparents to buy for grandchildren that won’t spoil the holiday mood or induce holiday blues!

1. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit


Nothing like an edutainment gift that will rub everyone the right way! Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math Adventure is designed for kids 3 to 5 to build core learning skills in math and reading, plus foster creativity, this kit features 4 beloved games and 2 brand new early math games, which help kids develop their whole brain, stimulate their appetite for learning, and connect learning with fun through hands-on play. Perfect activity when babysitting the grandbabies!

2. Yoto Player


The Yoto player is the ultimate screen-free portable player! The fun never ends as you can pick and choose new cards to add to your grandchildren’s collection, and for them to trade cards with their cousins and friends. Protect the player with a snazzy protective adventure jacket for the littles ones to bring along to grandma’s house!

3. Librio Personalized Children’s Books

You will have as much fun building these beautiful, personalized books as your grandchildren will reading them! Whether it’s a wild adventure with pirates, helping animals
in magical forests, or traveling the world learning about foreign cultures, little ones can take on the lead roles in these beautifully illustrated picture books, where any child can be the hero. Whether it’s a gift for Mila, Ayda, or Jack with long red braids or short brown hair, there are thousands of combinations to choose from. Every book is as unique as the child that it’s created for, and the personalization doesn’t stop at just how the little one looks. Because language is also such a personal aspect of a child’s upbringing and family heritage, Librio’s books are available in a total of 25 languages and dialects from Albanian to Welsh via Bavarian and Swedish.

4. Edx Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set

Having fun goes a long way in developing the right social, emotional, and physical skills needed for future success in children. For over 25 years, this brand has worked closely with leading educators who advise on trends in education and the development of innovative new products. However kids learn best, Edx Education ensures they have the best tools for learning and play. This set comes in a sturdy storage box – perfect to leave at the grandparents’ place!

5. Delta Children Personalized Cozee Chair

Make your mark in your grandchildren’s home or secure a throne for the precious one(s) at your place. With right-size seating designed just for children, the Personalized Cozee Chair by Delta Children is perfect for the playroom, living room, or your grandchild’s bedroom, this cozy foam chair is lightweight enough to move from room to room. The slipcover is constructed of soft fabric that’s removable and machine washable for easy cleaning – your son/daughter/-inlaw will thank you. Personalize it with their name for the perfect finishing touch!

6. GOT BAG Daypack Mini

You will have everyone squealing over how adorable your grandbabies look carrying the DayPack Mini. Not only does it look super chic, but it is also ergonomic and easily accessible thanks to a large opening and wide handles with a Velcro fastener designed for small children’s hands. The chest strap protects against slipping and reflectors on the shoulder straps offer added visible protection, even when the adventure gets a little wilder (we all know how those toddlers are!). Around 1.2 kg of sea plastic from the in-house clean-up program is used to make every GOT BAG – even the straps and buckles are made from recycled PET plastic!

7. Blenders Eyewear


Do you have grandchildren who are teenagers or pre-teens? You’ll get mad props from them by getting them swags from Blenders Eyewear. There is a great selection of stylish sunnies for teens on the go or participating in extreme sports. Not only can they count on the polarized lenses for some quality eye protection when they need it most, but these fashion statements of sunglasses are also super durable and anti-scratch – some even float on water!

8. RideSafer Portable Vest

This RideSafer vest is a safe and legal alternative to bulky car seats and booster seats! Most of all, it is very portable, much lighter weight, and waaay less bulky to lug around – your bones and joints will thank you. This device is easy to install and quick to dismantle, allowing for more time with grandparents at the zoo, the aquarium, the playground, or shopping!

9. Grandma & me: Explore Outdoors

Exploring nature ignites curiosity, sparks conversations, and lays the foundation for memory-making moments. Share this perfect gift with your grandchild and enjoy the many benefits of time spent outdoors together. This unique “do-together” activity kit for kids includes super fun tools that encourage creativity, inspire purposeful nature-based play, and nurture intergenerational bonds.

10. Echo Show

The perfect gadget for the grandchildren who live out-of-town, with an HD screen that’s designed to move with you and speakers that deliver premium sound. Not only does it provide added home security and surveillance, but it is also packed with entertainment offerings – including a screen for the much-anticipated (and hopefully regular) video calls, karaoke sessions, drama plays, and charades with granny!

11. Baby Dream Machine

Created by moms, for moms or grandmas who understand the beauty of sleep. Influenced by the world’s best sleep trainers, industry experts and scientists developed a product that helps your children get a good night’s sleep while using the most natural and scientifically proven methods. Their mission was to promote a product that has been to develop a natural, safe, high-quality machine to help children of all ages have a better night’s sleep. Send your grand babies the sweetest dreams every night!

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