Best Gifts for Family with Children – 2021 Holiday Gift Guide


Getting gifts for your family friends can be quite stressful – especially if you have been trying to get individual gifts for each family member. How about getting presents that are suitable for the entire family? Or perhaps ones that would occupy the children and free up some time for the adults to take a break? Check out our all-in-one gift picks for your friends’ whole family!

1. lunii – My Fabulous Storyteller

The holiday season is the perfect time to discover the world of fairytales and witness how eager it makes kids want to read, learn, and explore. My Fabulous Storyteller is the perfect travel essential that keeps kids engaged in the most fun way. Jimmy Fallon is a big fan! This educational ”story-maker” is screen-free, WiFi-free, and develops children’s imagination and creativity.

2. Little Bridges Family Fun Time! Activity Kit

Give the gift that will take Family Game Night- or ANY family get-together to a whole new level. The Family Time Fun! activity kit is a unique collection of more than 45 boredom-busting game and activity ideas that encourage connections, teamwork, and remarkable conversations through fun and memorable play. The activities and challenges use easy-to-find household items and with so many options (and tips to make play easier or harder) everyone can pick and choose and play again and again.

3. Clixo Magnetic Building Toys

You can’t go wrong gifting a STEAM toy that the whole family can play with together! Clixo combines origami, building blocks, and magnets into a flexible play system. The freeform-shaped pieces can be simply & satisfyingly clicked together to turn 2D shapes into endless 3D creations – from bunnies, airplanes, balls, crowns & more – making these toys a great alternative to puzzles and LEGOs. What’s more, the pieces are recyclable and the packaging has zero plastic elements!


4. My Gnome On The Roam Family Adventure and Creativity Kit

An interesting story comes to life! Gnome on the Roam is an interactive story that encourages children’s creativity. Their very own customizable DIY gnome comes in an adorable suitcase along with his favorite things: a copy of My Gnome on the Roam award-winning book, a journal filled with blank pages waiting to be filled, and a magical wooden pen. Designed for children to explore a lifetime of adventures with family and friends, offering countless hours of fun and connection. Life is more than just reading stories – it’s about living them.

5. Sunny the Mail Snail

Encourage imagination with Sunny the Mail Snail’s weekly subscription service. Appealing to the bookworm in everyone, your little one can travel the world, read about exotic animals, and discover the wonders of the world from the safety of home with Sunny the Mail Snail. Sunny’s personalized letter service is perfect for kids ages 4+, as it encourages reading, kindness, learning, and more! Pique curiosity and stimulate the imagination with a great role model in Sunny.

6. Goliath Family Games

Give the gift of family game nights with the fantastic selection of screen-free board and hands-on games from Goliath! Goliath games are definitely a holiday staple for gift-giving, and would even make a perfect gift from Santa to the entire family.

7. Helpen

This holiday season, Helpen is the perfect gift for young families who want to raise a generation of helpers. Created during the pandemic, this subscription-based platform uses smart speakers to teach young kids the power of generosity through charitable giving. Each week, families receive a postcard listing prescreened, kid-appropriate charities in five categories – Animals, Environment, Education, Poverty, and Health. After choosing a charity to support with a $1 donation, each child activates Alexa or Google Home to hear real-life examples of how their contribution is making the world a better place.

8. Pockimals

A new kind of stuffed animal! Pockimals stuffies are designed to fit perfectly in the hands of little people that play with them. All apparel is produced with soft cotton to ensure children’s comfort and happiness. Equipped with buttons that secure directly on the custom-designed clothing pockets, Pockimals are almost impossible to lose!

9. Home Entertainment: Beverly Hills 90210 + Superman & Lois


Shopping for a family with tweens and teenagers? Gift them home entertainment to be enjoyed by the entire household! Parents will reminisce the good ol’ days, swoon over Brandon, and tell stories of the ’90s while binging all 10 stunning seasons of Beverly Hills 90210 with their teens. Then check out season 1 of Superman & Lois – you can bet that the VFX is a huge improvement from Lois & Clark with this new and improved take on the man of steel.

10. Impersonate Me

Know a family that has a beloved pet? Gift them the gift they deserve with a personalized portrait or blanket that features their favorite pet. Every time they see it at home, they’ll remember how special your gift is. Whether they have a cat, dog, hamster, or raccoon, Impersonate Me’s artists will hand draw each one to create an image to be cherished for a lifetime!

11. Know Yourself Human Anatomy

Throw your family friends some bones! Know Yourself’s human anatomy for kids starter set provides the best hands-on learning experience. It takes the guesswork out of teaching anatomy. It is an exciting and engaging curriculum using vetted science. Developed by a culturally diverse team of educators, parents, community advisors, and medical professionals, Know Yourself’s products are known for being highly engaging to children of many backgrounds, learning styles, and interests.

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