Get Ahead of the Game with Basic Invite’s Christmas In July Sale

(This post is in partnership with Basic Invite.) 

I am one of the few people who still loves to write thank you notes.  After any holiday or gift, I literally cannot wait to curl up with a cup of something delicious and write my notes.  This has led me to become a stationery junkie.  Ordering holiday Christmas cards online is one of my greatest pleasures, so when I had the opportunity to try Basic Invite, I could not have been more excited!

christmas cards onlineThey’re featuring a Christmas in July sales event, where holiday cards are 30% off. While I’m not quite ready to order my hundreds of holiday photo cards, it was so fun to play with our different family photos in so many festive designs.  The best part was that you can literally customize them 100%.  On other websites, I always seem to find the perfect card with the perfect design, but when I add my family photo to it, the type is blocking someone’s face or our last name looks too small or large.
With Basic Invite, every single thing is able to moved and tweaked. The type can be sized, the layout can be moved to show off our smiling faces, and the colors can be matched exactly.  Of course, they also offer matching envelopes and the option to print both recipient addresses and your return address. They even will send you a sample of your completed card – in print – so you can touch and feel your cards before committing to 500 of them!
I ordered some new stationery for myself since I was running low.  I could have spent all night customizing them. I went pretty traditional with my basic font and style, so I thought it would be a quick order, but they have so many options. I had the best time trying out different combinations of the alignment of the fonts and colors. It was cool to be able to choose every small detail and color combination.  There were hundreds of colors, so literally something for everyone.  The website is also extremely user-friendly.  I could toggle between color options quickly and easily.  
Then it was onto the envelopes.  You can match your ink and paper colors to the cards easily.  The coolest part of their address printing is how they capture the information.  You don’t need to spend hours inputting all your friends’ addresses or trying to format a spreadsheet. Rather, they provide a link for you to easily share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media, which requests your friends’ and family’s information.  Then Basic Invite stores all the addresses in the correct format for your use whenever you order cards or invitations.  
Everything felt totally designer, without the bespoke price tag. Basic Invite is currently offering a 15% off promotion with code: 15FF51.  

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