Activities to Help You Talk to Your Little Ones About Martin Luther King Day


We should be talking about equality, peace, love, freedom, and progress with our children every day of the year, but the message becomes that much more poignant on Martin Luther King Day. 

It’s easy to underestimate what our toddlers and preschoolers can comprehend about complex topics like inequality and discrimination but there are age-appropriate ways to introduce the concepts and reinforce messages of love and acceptance. 


Try chatting with your little one while completing an activity. This handprint craft is fun to do and opens the door for observations about how all the handprints are the same, even though they come in different colors.

Kindness Chains 

Start a kindness chain where your family works together to add links to the same chain any time someone does a kind act for someone else. 

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We love this book in the  Ordinary People Change the World series about Martin Luther King, Jr. These books tell historic stories in ways that are easy for children to understand. 

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