19 Best Holiday Toys and Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys


Editors Note: There are many research-based articles on the pros and cons of gender-specific toys, a topic that many parents are passionate about. In our toy series with our partner Wicked Uncle, we will be highlighting a specific age and gender. Our sister sites in other parts of the country will be doing the same, with a collective goal to provide a comprehensive list of quality toy choices based on developmental milestones. You will find as you look through the lists that our top choices are great for any gender. We encourage play and imagination at any age!

9-year-old boys are on the cusp of tween-hood, starting to leave childhood behind while getting ready for the onset of adolescence. They are becoming much more independent and able to handle certain responsibilities without adult supervision. Fear not, there are plenty of age-appropriate and educational toys for this age group that will excite and entertain the young dudes without making them feel uncool. To make it easy for you, our team of super moms has put together a list of recommended, parent-approved toys to gift!

You will see your 9-year-old son begin to plan things out and begin to use their decision-making skills. This is evident in the toys our moms recommend. There is an excellent mix of picks that will keep your boy moving and active along with choices that will inspire them to think, plan, and even begin to take some risks. Their fine motor skills will also be challenged as they build and create.

1. Robotic Hedgehog – Build Your Own

Build and play with this interactive hedgehog that performs tricks. Your junior engineer will have tons of fun with the spiky robot and the 39 mechanical parts that bring him to life! Select one of three modes (shown in his cool color-changing LED eyes) then use different clapping commands to make your hedgehog do tricks. See him move, curling his body to show his spikes, perform a perfectly executed backward roll, or doing multiple rollovers. Even send him to sleep with repeated claps – very cool!

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2. Spy X Night Mission Goggles

For night time adventures, use these light-up adjustable goggles to find your way in the dark. With tinted blue lenses to enhance night vision, switch on full mode to get directional beams of the bright blue LED light, leaving both hands free to explore. Flip out the retractable scope and 2x magnifying lens to spot targets from greater distances. Perfect for fun spying escapades or even sneaking down to the fridge at night!

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3. Make Your Own Lego Movie – 36 Piece Set

For aspiring filmmakers to create the next big hit! Mix and match mini Lego actors and sceneries to plot and script mini-movies with this creative Lego set. All you need is a phone or tablet to download the app, and then get directing! With 36 Lego elements and foldout paper backgrounds, all you have to sort is the lighting and camera angles. 

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4. 100 In 1 Stem Lab – 56 Piece Set

This smart 56 piece fun science set helps youngsters conduct 100 awesome STEM experiments. Learn about basic circuit connections by constructing the 4 initial units – Maze Challenge, Flying Disc, Turbo Air, and Alarm System. From these, your young inventor can create a metal buzz wire game, a floating foam ball, an alarm system with spinning lights, launch spinning discs into the air, and make a bubble machine by following the simple instructions with over 100 diagrams!

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5. Jellyfish Lamp – Color Changing Mood Light

Standing 9 inches tall, the rounded tank holds two amazingly lifelike jellyfish which swim and glide around with realistic movement provided by jets of air moving the water inside the tank. The triple LED lights up the tank in three different colors adding a soothing, relaxing feel. Makes a fun decorative addition to any room!

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6. Bean Boozled – Jelly Bean Challenge, Yummy Or Not?

The ultimate game of chance combined with a daring variety of jelly bean flavors! Beanboozle’s 4th edition includes 2 new flavors: spoiled milk and coconut, completely identical in appearances! Simply spin the wheel with the provided spinner, and take a chance on which flavor you’ll get it. You’ll be trying to bean-boozle all your friends, so they end up with the rotten egg instead of the buttered popcorn. With 10 weird and gross flavors and 10 yummy and classic flavors, everyone gets the chance to take a spin.

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7. Re/Co Robot – All Terrain Remote Control

Build a clever intelligent robot with off-road tracks, an infrared sensor, and artificial intelligence. Control RE/CO with the wireless remote, or let it lead the way and negotiate obstacles in patrol mode. With fun sound effects and flashing LED eyes, this clever robot is very satisfying to build and great fun to watch negotiate obstacles.

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8. Blue Mini Hornit – For Bikes & Scooters

The Mini Hornit is the ultimate light and sound effects accessory for children’s bikes and scooters. Durable and waterproof, it’s loaded with 25 fun sounds including a horn, motorbike, UFO, police car, helicopter, magic spell, a lion’s roar, and even an old-fashioned bike bell! The sounds have 3 different volumes, plus it has white and green lights, with flashing or constant settings.

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9. Extreme Waboba Ball – Bounces On Water

The Waboba is no ordinary ball because it skips and bounces only on water. This high-performance ball with the signature gel core floats as well. Spread out and let the adventurous fun begin as you play in teams or on your own with this mini ball that bounces fast, far and high. Perfect if you want speed over control! Take to the local pool, lake or beach and give it a try, great for vacations too – highly addictive watersport fun!

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10. Stinky Pig Game – Pass Him Quickly

Brilliantly entertaining pass the parcel style game with a funny pig who hums and suddenly farts. Push Stinky Pig’s tummy to hear him sing and then roll the dice to see which way to pass him. Pass him left, right or roll again, but do it quickly before he randomly farts! 

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11. Fifty Greatest Card Tricks – Marvin’s Magic

Designed by Marvin Berglas, winner of the Magic Circle Maskelyne Award, this is a complete set of 50 seriously baffling card tricks. Use the hardback book of secret instructions and the special magic props to amaze your friends and become a master of magic. Your budding master magician will really enjoy mastering these genuinely clever card tricks. 

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12. 2 In 1 Globe – Earth & Constellations

This incredible revolving globe shows the Earth by day, including natural features and all capitals and major cities, and constellations by night. An advanced light sensor automatically turns on the LED illumination whenever the room darkens, magically transforming the earth globe into a space globe. Plot world domination by day and intergalactic missions by night – a globe with a difference!

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13. Big Top Circus- Learn To Juggle And Entertain

This entertaining collection from Marvin’s Magic teaches the essential circus skills of how to juggle and make model balloons, with the balls and pump included. Put on a variety show with the kazoo and an acrobatic worm that you use to perform amazing tricks. And of course, no circus act would be complete without the wacky clown nose and glasses! 

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14. HD Action Camera – Waterproof Case

A full HD action video camera with 120-degree wide angle and waterproof case for carrying or mount on your helmet, skateboard, bike, or space ship. Included in the box, you’ll find the frame mount, pole mount, flat adhesive mounts, Velcro straps, long thumb screw and quick release buckle, short thumbscrew, and pivot mounts (perfect for handlebars or helmets), a USB cable, and microflash card. 

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15. Soda Can Robot

Everything you need to take a normal metal drink can and transform it into a robot. This fun project contains a set of plastic mechanical body parts, motor with electric wires, pair of moving eyes, screws, and detailed instructions. The fun monster robot created is bug-eyed and walks in a silly way for added entertainment. Ecological and lots of room to be creative!

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16. Marvin’s Treasured Magic Tricks

This smart all-wooden set promises an impressive magic show, complete with props to perform over 20 different tricks. Astonish family and friends with the vanishing rabbit illusion, the amazing rising cards, the clever mind reading dice trick, and many more. From the award-winning Marvin’s Magic range, this superb collection of tricks is perfect for the young budding magician.

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17. Glowstriker – Hovering Target Game

Now the ultimate shoot out can begin – cock the pistol, load with the soft foam darts, take aim and fire! As your shooting skills develop, you can even adjust the height of the balls by switching to high power for added difficulty. Better yet, the target balls glow for night play! 

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18. 4D Science – Virtual Reality Science Experiments

This fantastic set for your budding scientist includes hands-free goggles for a truly immersive augmented reality experience. Follow the step-by-step instructions to learn the core scientific values behind amazing bubbling and fizzing experiments. With 10 interactive projects, you can learn to create a lava lamp, make slime, and even create a volcanic eruption!

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19. Adopt-A-Penguin – A Real One

For a super-unique gift that makes a difference and promotes wildlife conservation, look no further than the Adopt-A-Penguin package. Once activated, the Conservation Trust will take care of the penguin for 12 months, sending you a certificate and periodic updates. In the kit, you’ll find a fact sheet about endangered Galapagos creatures, penguin facts, a map of the islands, and a penguin postcard.

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