17 Best Holiday Toys and Gift ideas for 10 Year Old Boys


Editors Note: There are many research-based articles on the pros and cons of gender-specific toys, a topic that many parents are passionate about. In our toy series with our partner Wicked Uncle, we will be highlighting a specific age and gender. Our sister sites in other parts of the country will be doing the same, with a collective goal to provide a comprehensive list of quality toy choices based on developmental milestones. You will find as you look through the lists that our top choices are great for any gender. We encourage play and imagination at any age!

Double digits. 10 is a true milestone age for our boys. For some it is their last year in elementary school and they are leaving behind so much that is familiar to them. When it comes to toys and things that keep their interest, our moms put their heads together to come up with some great choices that match their tween timeline. 

10-year-old boys are starting to read more chapter books and move to solving more complex math problems. They crave friendships, activity, and sometimes quiet time. The need for interactive toys and games that align with what they are learning in school is more important. This is a time when you may really find yourself purging their rooms of childhood toys and making room for a whole new inventory of toys.

1. Robotic Hedgehog

This cool little robot allows your scientist to not only create but also control. It is a great introduction to robotics and can foster an interest in artificial intelligence and user design. It responds to claps to make it perform tricks or to put it to sleep.

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2. Harry Potter Power Squad

Chances are your 10-year-old may have their own phone by now. If so, never hear them ask you for “juice” when they have their very own Harry Potter rechargeable battery pack. It keeps their love of learning with story book heroes tied to their need to be connected.

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3. Laser Chess

Take your chess game to the next level with lasers! This fun game combines the strategy of chess with the science of lasers. After you make your chess move, you get to fire your laser beam to see which piece gets eliminated. Best part for the gift giver? It comes with batteries!

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4. Planets Cube Book

I remember around the age of 10 (many eons ago) folding paper to to play a good game of fortune teller. This educational version combines that along with the love of a book. It’s kind of Rubik’s cube like as well and can entertain for a long time. It’s a great “to go” activity as well (that is not a device).

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5. World’s Smallest Table Tennis Set

I’m not sure about you, but my son is always pushing the boundaries by trying to sneak a toy to school. This tiny table tennis game fits the bill. The suction cups provide a sturdy net and you could argue it is excellent for hand-eye coordination. Another great “to go” gift to keep them entertained.

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6. Candy Chemistry 

You will create your own mad scientist as they combine their love of candy and science to make some pretty cool edible concoctions. This kit has 25 sweet experiments from chocolate to rock candy. It even comes with wrappers so they can share what they create.

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7. Super Scarab Putty

Putty is always a cool gift and with this version, there is no making it at home – bonus for mom! The colors change as light bounces off of it. Manipulate into all sorts of shapes. It never dries out either!

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8. Phantom Thinking Putty

What’s better than putty? More putty! This version glows in the dark and comes with a UV pen that you can use to write secret messages on. Never dries out!

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9. Bouncing Planets

Your aspiring astronaut can create their own planets using this kit. Mix the colors and set into the molds to make 1 inch bouncing balls that look like mini-planets. It’s like two toys in one.

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10. Shooting Star – Infrared Game

This battery operated toy allows your 10-year-old to practice hand eye coordination. It is totally portable and as long as the beam is aimed at the infrared sensor in the disc it will remain in the air. Have a contest with other friends to see who can keep it in the sky the longest.

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11. Soda Can Robot

Combine recycling, science and creativity in one. Your scientist will create a robot using wiring and mechanical body parts and then the fun really begins. A great introduction to robotics.

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12. Human Body Cube Book

Just like the planet cube above, this one focuses on the human body. It is filled with information about all of the systems of the human body and has fun facts, too. Take it with you wherever you go.

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13. Suspend

Balance is key in this fun game of Suspend. Use the multi colored rods to create a sculpture that won’t fall down. Take turns with dice to see what gets added next. A great addition to family game night and it is super portable.

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14. Doodling Robot 4M STEAM

Science meets art with this doodling robot. Follow the instructions to put it together and then adjust the height and colors to make some original designs. The colored pens can be removed and then you have a cool little robot buddy.

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15. Star Wars Folded Flyers

Use the 40 sheets of designed papers to create your own Star Wars fleet including the Millennium Falcon. A very engaging activity that can go anywhere. Recreate your favorite scenes after you are done.

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16. Bean Boozled

Who hasn’t wanted to try dead fish or spoiled milk? Well in this game of chance you just might get to. Spin the spinner and see what you land on. Be brave. You get 10 yummy flavors and 10 not so yummy flavors to try.

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17. Spy X Night Mission Goggles

This award-winning game allows you to explore in the dark. Use the LED light to guide you and keep your hands free and use the magnifying lens to see things up close. You will be exposed to a whole new world. No need to be afraid of the dark anymore.

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