12 Sugar-Free Classroom Valentines


Another holiday is upon us, and it’s one that always sneaks up on me because I am still not back into the swing of daily routines after the winter break.  You do not want to be that one parent who forgets to send your child to school without Valentines to hand out!  So here are 12 easy, Pinterest approved, non-sugary, fun Valentines!

All 12 have a free printable tag, an example of the finished product, and some places to buy the Valentine handout. You may need a cellophane goody bag, some string, or glue dots to help assemble your Valentines, but that’s it!

  1. You make my heart BOUNCE!

Bouncy balls!  Fun for all ages.

  1. I’ve got my EYES on you, Valentine!

Sunglasses! What a fun idea, and kids will totally use these.

  1. I’m a lucky DUCK to have you as my friend!

Rubber ducky, I love you. Great for all ages and can also be used as a fun bath toy.

  1. Some BUNNY loves being your friend!

– This is a food Valentine with some sugar,  but it’s not as bad as normal candy, chocolate, gummy Valentines.  Annie’s Friends Bunny Grahams make it a hit!

  1. You make my heart RACE!

– Vroom Vroom! My son loves playing with matchbox cars, so I definitely love this idea to handout to his friends.

  1. School would be RUFF without you!

– Woof Woof. Doggie toy figurines make this Valentine so cute to hand out!

  1. We make a great PAIR!

– Sock! I thought this was such a fun one! It’s totally useful and not a throw-away Valentine.  Target even has fun socks in their $1 section.

  1. You make my heart POP!

Bubbles! This is a great Valentine gift for all ages, especially if you have babies and toddlers to give to.

  1. Will ZOO be mine?

– You can play with all these Valentines before picking out which animal your child’s friends will like best!

  1. You LIGHT up my life!

Glow stick party.  Kids love light-up stuff and especially when you can wear them as necklaces and armbands.

  1. Happy Valentine’s day, LOVE BUG!

– Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! This is a way to personalize a Valentine from your child who just loves mud, dirt and bugs! Get your creepy, crawlies here.

  1. I am STUCK on you!

-Stickers! They love to stick them on their clothing, coloring books, refrigerators, car windows ,and all over you, especially that one on your butt that you didn’t catch before going out in public. Oriental Trading Company has a ton online to look through.

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