San Francisco Bay Area Ultimate Moving Guide

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Your Family’s Ultimate Guide to Moving To And Across The San Francisco Bay Area!

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At Eleva Interiors, we utilize your existing furniture & decor to decorate your home, creating beautiful spaces that are special to you and sustainable for our planet. Using your existing items minimizes project spend, and when you would like to enhance your space with new pieces, we source those pieces thoughtfully to create a loving home for you and your family.

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Finding Your House

How to Decide if Building a Custom Home Is Right for You
What Makes My House “the One”
affordable housing lottery san francisco
Affordable Housing in San Francisco: Yes, It’s Out There
Raising a Family in SF: Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

City Living

living in san francisco with kids
Why I Won’t Move to the Suburbs
Raising a Family in an Apartment
Size Does Matter, But Sometimes Smaller Is Better

Suburban Living

Bay Area Suburb
North, South, East, but Not West: Which Bay Area Suburb Is Right for You?
city vs suburbs
8 Signs You Are Ready for the Suburbs
Why We Fell in Love with Pacifica

Need a California-savvy mover you can trust? Quantum Moving is a locally based moving company that has a proven track record of success and prides itself on having never lost any items during the many moves they’ve successfully completed.

Moving / Relocating

Does Moving Get Any Easier the More You Do It?
Making a House a Home
moving with a toddler
Moving with a Toddler: Tips for a Smooth Transition
tips for moving to san francisco
Tips for Moving to San Francisco with Kids
marie kondo
How the KonMari Method Gets It Right

Mortgage, Title, Insurance

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Does your home reflect your style? roomLift is an Interior Design solution that helps you achieve unique personal spaces that you’ll love!


Relive and Share Memories in Home Showstoppers with SimplePrints
Summer Bedding Ideas for Kids
5 Top Tips for Maximizing Space
Design a Quiet Room
7 Pet-Friendly Home Design Tips
Learn from the Titan of Clean Design
Minimalism: Mastering the Art of Less is More
life hack myq garage door opener
My Newest Life Hack: The MyQ Garage


At Delta Children, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between what’s good for your baby and what’s good for your budget. That’s why we work tirelessly to create safe, sustainable, and stylish products at affordable prices. Trust us, we’ve been at this for over 50 years and we know what it takes to make the best products for your kids!


Revamp Your Home With These Quick Upgrades
What to Expect When You’re Remodeling
Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Appliances
Transform Your Home into Your Children’s Mini Science Laboratory
organization transforms children's learning experience
How to Transform Children’s Learning Environment at Home
mode box personal styling
A San Francisco Mom’s Lack-of-Space Hacks
dhp furniture
A Tween Bedroom Makeover Success

Safety & Natural Disaster Prep

Everything You Need to Know About Fire Safety in Your Own Home
emergency preparedness tips
10 Fast and Free Ways to Prepare for an Earthquake or Emergency
Family Wellness Tips for Poison Prevention at Home
baby proofing tips
7 Baby Proofing Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe
family evacuation plans
Is Your Family Ready to Evacuate in the Event of an Emergency?
Expert Take: A Low-Stress Guide to Preparing Your Family for an Earthquake

Yard & Garden

A Garden Oasis in a New Home
How DIY Projects Can Improve Your Mood This Season

We love the fun LED and solar light selections on Lights4Fun! Check out the beautiful patterns cast by the Morrocan-inspired solar path lights.

Personalized Services

affordable personal chef
Pocket Chefs Wants to Help You Meal Prep (and You Should Let Them)
Use the promo code SFBAM20 to get $20 off your ClubFeast!
Jupiter Offers Out-of-This-World Personalized Shopping Experience for Essentials


Essential Home Organizing Tips
toy organization
How To Organize Your Home While You’re Stuck in It
6 Ways to Refresh Your Home

Home Living

When Is My Child Old Enough to Stay Home Alone?
How To Make Your Nanny’s First Day A Huge Success
Tracy’s Crafty Recipes for Home Art Projects


neighbor's noise complaints
When Your Downstairs Neighbor Complains About Your Kid
Six Tips for Supporting Your Neighborhood Organizations and Businesses
Holiday Entertaining Tips From Lifestyle Expert and TV Personality Debbie Matenopoulos

Nothing says, “I love you” like a beautiful, delicious cake! Handmade, detailed, and personalized creations are the perfect ending to any celebration. Get your celebration treats from P.S. I Cake You, a custom cake and desserts, mom-owned business in the East Bay.

Pocket Chefs is dedicated to matching families with personal home chefs that will visit you weekly to meal prep lunches and dinners that fit your budget and eating lifestyle. Customers are able to sign up to have a chef come on a weekly basis or try out a one-time single session.

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