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San Francisco Bay Area’s Ultimate Guide
for Parents and Little Ones on Preschools and Early Child Development / Education, Childcare, Potty Training, and much more!

Bright Horizons® is a leading education and care company, trusted by families and employers around the world for safe, discovery-driven early education that responds to the specific needs of working families. We know quality care and learning can be life-changing for children and parents, and we’ve created a research-based curriculum that’s designed by educators and delivered by highly trained, professional teachers to engage children and support parents. Our goal is to provide environments that are great places for childhood and prepare children for success in school and life.

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28 Questions You Must Ask When Visiting a Preschool
Tips to Get into Preschool in San Francisco
honest answers to a preschool admissions application
Honest Answers to a Preschool Admissions Application
crying at drop off
There’s No Crying in Preschool: When Drop Offs Trigger the Tears
Steps to Easing Your Child into Preschool
child playing with blocks at preschool
How to Prepare Your Toddler for a Play-Based Daycare or Preschool
Preschool Bullying: The Day My Son Came Home with a Bruised Lip
Preschool Graduation: 5 Lessons I Want My Daughter to Remember
preschool transition
Lessons Learned from My Daughter’s First Week of Preschool
san francisco kindergarten admissions process
I Am Starting the Kindergarten Admissions Process, and I Am Overwhelmed

Private and Public Schools

Preparing for Kindergarten?
Steps to Navigate the Private School Admission Season
navigating the kindergarten admissions process in san francisco
Why I Chose to Send My Kid to a San Francisco Public School


childcare san francisco
Getting My Kids into Daycare Is Harder Than Admission to Harvard
transition from daycare to preschool
When Is the Best Time to Switch from Daycare to Preschool?
mom and baby
Should I Send My Kids To Daycare If I’m Going Back to Work?
Topics to Address with Prospective Daycare Providers
4 Steps to Finding Daycare
in-home daycares san francisco
4 Misconceptions About In-Home Daycares Dispelled

Childcare and Nanny (Share)

taking care of children
Keeping an Eye Out for Other People’s Kids: Is Nanny-Shaming Ever Okay?
If You Paid Your Nanny $2,100 or More Last Year, You Owe Taxes
Paying Your Nanny Legally Can Actually Save You Money
How to Properly (and Legally) Pay Your Nanny
A Love Letter to Childcare Workers
How To Make Your Nanny’s First Day A Huge Success
hiring nanny in san francisco
Insights for Setting Up Nanny Contracts and Nanny Share Agreements
Finding nanny or daycare in San Francisco
Coordinating Childcare: What to Consider and Our Best Tips and Truths
relationship with nanny
The Nanny-Mommy Dream Team: What to Do and What to Never, Ever Do
tips for finding daycare and nannies
Childcare in San Francisco: The Struggle is Real, and Here’s What You Need to Know
Parent Teacher Relationship Nanny Mom relationship
How to Be the Type of Parent that Nannies and Teachers Want to Work With
childcare safety
Addressing Safety and Security Concerns in My Childcare Search
Early Speech and Language Development: Information and Resources
Why Your Child Needs To Learn the Correct Names for Their Private Parts
Understanding Sexual Behavior in Children
The Parent Co-op Model: A Pre-School Option, Part 1
sapling forest preschool san francisco
Why You Should Consider Forest School Instead of Traditional Preschool


Use code SFBAM30 to get 30% off your first month of the BümoBrain Foreign Language Program
BümoBrain is the best-in-class virtual preschool created by mompreneurs to provide quality, specialized online curriculum and live lessons by certified teachers in small group settings.
how to learn a second language
Helping Children Learn a Second Language, Even If You Don’t Speak One
Science at Home
Transform Your Home into Your Children’s Mini Science Laboratory
read across america day
Tips to Engage Your Little Ones with Books and Encourage Early Literacy
Coffee Roasting 101, Preschool Edition
little boy playing with toys on coffee table
5 Educational Activities to Do At Home While School Is Closed

Homeschooling / Unschooling

Kindergarten Homeschool Recommendations
Play-Based Home Learning
Homeschooling Resource List
5 Signs You Have a Threenager on Your Hands
Maybe Threenagers Aren’t the Ones Who Need an Attitude Change
Coming Into the Clear That Is Age 4
The Surprising Reason Toddlers Are Obsessed With Their Loveys
why is my child testing me all the time?
Why Your Words May Be Causing Your Preschooler to Misbehave
Preschool Update: So Far I’m Just Sleeping
When Extended Family Takes on Childcare
How to Help Your Kid Deal with School Stress
funny things kids say
KiddieLeaks: The Surveillance Reports of an Average Home with Preschoolers

Potty Training

Your Oh Crap Potty Training Cheat Sheet
little girl completing potty training
The 5 Secrets to Potty Training Success
toilet paper
Potty Training Is Hard and That’s OK
potty training
Potty Training Reminders
potty training
How to Choose a Potty Training Method That’s Right for Your Family
Your Potty Training Survival Guide
It Takes Two to Potty

Special Needs

signs of adhd in children
Does My Child Have ADHD? Insights from a Child Psychiatrist
special education
Advice for Navigating Through Special Education
a list of what your child needs for preschool
School Gear Essentials to Get Your Toddler Preschool-Ready!
throwing toys
Timeless Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Early Chapter Books for Your Preschoolers
Children’s Books That Build Resiliency
Children’s Books We Love for Pre-K to 5th Grade

Safety First

The Jiobit Smart Tag is a reliable tracker that delivers real-time alerts on the location of the most important little people in your life. Aimed at keeping our loved ones protected, this small real-time tracker includes features such as custom geofencing, smart tracking, SOS Mode, Bluetooth alerts, and more! For up to 168 hours on one charge, this tech tool snaps on easily and provides added peace of mind as we let our youngsters explore the world around them, by knowing that they always have their location in case of an emergency.

General Development

School Zone – Big Preschool Workbook

School Zone – Preschool Basics Workbook

School Zone – Big Alphabet Workbook

School Zone – Big Preschool Workbook

Motor Skills

School Zone – Cut & Paste Skills Workbook

School Zone – Connect the Dots Workbook

Educating AMY – The Buzzy Quiet Book

Montessori Toddler Busy Board

Sensory Play

Little Partners’ Deluxe Learn & Play Art Center Easel

Aroma Dough

Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags

School Zone – Beginning Sounds Workbook

Speech & Languages

Educational Posters

Sight Words Flash Cards


Baby Snack Time [English & Chinese Bilingual]

Math & Patterns

Educational Math Posters

School Zone – Math Stickers Workbook

Learning Resources MathLink Cube Big Builders

Coogam Wooden Puzzle Pattern Blocks

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