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Educational Vocabulary


Is Homeschooling the Right Choice for My Family?
Homeschool is Not Public School at Home (Pt. 1)
Kindergarten Homeschool Recommendations
Homeschooling Resource List
teach your kids at home
A Teacher Explains How to Homeschool
Home Joy School
Play-Based Home Learning

Remote Learning

Design a Quiet Room
Remote Learning 101
Why Are Some Kids Thriving During Distance Learning?

Public and Private Schools

New Ways of Learning in a Post-Pandemic Education Landscape

Online Learning

Coming Soon!

Maths @ Singapore
Use code BAYMOMS for four free lessons worth $200! 

Maths@Singapore is a math education center from Singapore, focusing on high-quality online math tutoring for Grade 1 to Grade 5 elementary school children. Our program covers the topics in US elementary schools for the grade and reinforces the foundations of our students, before challenging them with more advanced areas. We use the proven pedagogies of the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) math program, which has powered Singaporean school children to the top of international math proficiency benchmarks.

Our expert Singaporean teachers deliver our program directly from Singapore and are all trained and certified to teach math in Singapore’s world-class public schools. We are committed to keeping each class size at 5 students and below, to allow our teachers to focus on each and every student individually. Our online classes are offered in the afternoons and evenings (Pacific Time) from Monday to Sunday. Read more


Juni Learning – Inspiring Lifelong Learners
Curriculums to Use for Homeschooling or Enhancement
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Science at Home
little boy playing with toys on coffee table
5 Educational Activities to Do At Home While School Is Closed
Transform Your Home into Your Children’s Mini Science Laboratory

Special Education

special education
Advice for Navigating Through Special Education

Parental Supports

Homeschooling Parent Supports

Videos to Watch

Emotional Well-Being During Online Learning
Trauma-Informed Parenting During Covid-19
5 Tips for Supporting Your Student at Home


1. School, Disrupted: Rediscovering the Joy of Learning in a Pandemic-Stricken World

2. Captain Perfection & the Secret of Self-Compassion: The Best Self Help Book to Build Confidence, Boost Self Esteem, and Manage Perfectionism in Children

3. A Mirror for Americans: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about Teaching Students Who Excel

4. How to Talk When Kids Won’t Listen: Whining, Fighting, Meltdowns, Defiance, and Other Challenges of Childhood

Support Groups

The Pencil Grip is dedicated to providing resources to parents, teachers, and therapists that set the standard for excellence in education. Check out their Kwik Stix, Wonder Stix, and Magic Stix!

SideTrak Swivel is an ultra-portable monitor that securely attaches to the back of the laptop to combine the productivity of working on two screens with the portability of a laptop.

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Preschool - K

Little Partners’ Deluxe Learn & Play Art Center Easel

Educational Posters

Math Snap Cubes

Sight Words Flash Cards

Winning@English – Nursery

Winning@Maths – Nursery

Winning@English – Kindergarten

Winning@Maths – Kindergarten

Elementary School

Art of Problem Solving: Beast Academy Grade 4 Complete Books Set

School Zone – Addition & Subtraction Workbook

School Zone – Reading Activities Workbook

School Zone – Big Codes, Puzzles & More Workbook

Educational Math Posters

Learning Without Tears Building Writers

Pattern Blocks

Magnetic Letters Kit

Cross-Section Plant Cell Model

Learning Wrap-Ups Keys for Division and Multiplication

Butterfly Garden

Sprout & Grow Window

Middle School

Squishy Human Body

Matrix Planner for Academic School Year

Everything You Need to Ace World History in One Big Fat Notebook

Geometry Set

High School

Statistical Calculator

Must Know High School Physics

Figures of Speech Posters

How To Write Any High School Essay

College Prep

Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep

ACT Prep Guide

The Complete Book of Colleges

College Students Guide to Time Management

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