Unbeatable Halloween Fun with Thomas and Percy! (Ticket Giveaway!)

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The holiday season has officially begun! My whole family loves this time of year; the air becomes crisp and sweet, there’s a pumpkin patch around every corner, and it seems like there are endless options for fun family time every weekend. This past Saturday, we hopped in the car and drove over to Felton (off of 17, on the way to Santa Cruz) for Roaring Camp Railroad’s annual Thomas and Percy Halloween Party™.  It was a blast!

If you’ve never been to Roaring Camp before, I highly recommend it for kids and adults alike.  It’s well worth the drive (about an hour from SF and less depending on how far down the peninsula you live).  Year-round, they run a steam locomotive through the redwood forest and offer all sorts of great family activities like easy/beautiful hikes, blacksmith demonstrations, and access to a cute old-timey Western-themed town (think candy shop, train-centric souvenirs, BBQ, and ice cream).  Over the past several years, our family has enjoyed the regular Redwood Forest Steam Train, the Holiday Tree Walk, and the Santa Cruz Holiday Lights Train… and it really just never gets old. It’s peaceful and beautiful for adults (and kids); educational; and great for all ages.  Babies snooze, toddlers squeal with glee, preschoolers and older kids learn about steam locomotives and redwood forests, and everyone just has a great time.

This was our first time visiting Roaring Camp for the Thomas and Percy Halloween Party.  All week long, my kids had a countdown after school: “It’s Tuesday… WHEN IS SATURDAY???” They boasted to their friends that they were going to ride on a train pulled by Thomas. My three-year-old said that his friend cried with jealousy (sad… parents, buy tickets!).  And of course – being a terrible person – I loved having this exciting event to use as leverage during tantrums and meal time… hehe.  “Eat your dinner or NO THOMAS this weekend!”

Finally, the day arrived, and it did not disappoint. I’d recommend arriving at Roaring Camp at least 30 minutes in advance so that you have time to park and pick up tickets… but not so much time that your kids go nuts waiting for the train to depart.  The train ride lasts about 20-25 minutes, and chugs through the forest, over a little river, and alongside a scenic ravine.  During our trip, Percy (the green train) pulled the train on the first half (heading away from the parking lot) and Thomas (everyone knows what Thomas looks like) pulled us back.  The side closer to the station had the better views; the side opposite the station was closer to the mountainside for much of the trip.

thomas the train roaring camp railroadSpooky red-eyed plastic rats adorned the train cars, and a creepy Halloween soundtrack played while we waited to depart.  As we rode, the conductor told entertaining stories about the history of the railway and shared interesting facts about the forest and its inhabitants (there’s a new fish hawk nest visible from the ride!).  They played “Monster Mash” and we all danced.  My kids were so happy as we bustled along.  Of course, I recommend packing some little snacks and some water for even this short ride; they don’t have any restrictions and don’t search bags before you board.

When we arrived back at the station, we had a tasty meal and enjoyed the seasonal festivities included in the Thomas ticket: temporary tattoos, face painting, storytelling, videos, train play tables, cookie decorating, a visit with Sir Topham Hat, pictures with Thomas and Percy, live music, big wheel tractors, haystack climbing, a bouncy house, and a mini-pumpkin patch.  Amazing!

roaring camp railroad halloweenWe rode the 3:00 train, which was the last train of the day.  Everything closed down around 4:30, so if you ride that last train and want to spend a lot of time enjoying everything else I’d recommend getting there early so that you have plenty of time to play before your ride begins.  There were not too many people wearing costumes, with the exception of the little-striped conductor hats that sat on the heads of probably 60% of the kids there!  I did see a couple adults in full “Where’s Waldo” gear, and nobody blinked an eye… so if you’re inclined to dress up, go for it!

As we left, my son bid Thomas and Percy adieu with tears in his sweet little eyes.  I loved this special and magical experience with my family.

Thank you, Roaring Camp, for unbeatable fall fun!

Thomas and Percy are in town for two more weekends: October 20-21 and October 27-28. Tickets are $25 each and required for passengers ages 2+.

Don’t forget to enter our Facebook giveaway for your chance to win 4 tickets to ride Thomas and Percy at Roaring Camp Railroads! The winner will choose tickets for any train ride after 2:00 PM on either Saturday, October 20 or October 27. 

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roaring camp railroad halloween


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