SF Hosts 2016 National Baseball Tournament for Girls


My daughter has been a softball player for the past four seasons, and my son has been a baseball player for two seasons.  My little family fell into the typical sports stereotype according to gender.  This year another parent who had their daughter in my daughter’s softball league and also in an all boys baseball league told us about Baseball for All.   Baseball for All, founded by Justine Siegal, provides opportunities for girls to play baseball with other girls who love to play baseball.  Society is still hesitant and hasn’t fully accepted seeing girls in baseball leagues but with organizations like Baseball for All, that stigma is slowly changing.  


Picture courtesy of Justine Siegal, Founder of Baseball for All.  Pictured-Kelsey Whitmore.

My daughter’s curiosity for baseball began when she saw Mo’ne Davis plastered all over the media news as the first girl in history to pitch a shutout in the Little League World Series and earned a win for her team. Her love for the game continues to grow as she sees more and more strong female role models playing baseball.  Recently, Baseball for All’s own Kelsie Whitmore and Stacy Paigno were signed by the Sonoma Stompers as the first female players to join an all-men’s team.  Since then, the Sonoma Stompers are now listed as a co-ed team. Female baseball players like them are breaking down barriers and showing our young girls that they too can play baseball.  And not only can they play, but they can be just as good or better than some of the boys in the game.

East Bay OaksPicture courtesy of Coach Pat Noonan. East Bay Oaks Team,

participating in the National baseball tournament this year.

This year, San Francisco is hosting the National Baseball Tournament for girls from July 23rd – 28th.  Teams and families are flying in from all over the country.  I’m more than excited to have my daughter on one of the SF Bay Area baseball teams participating in the tournament this year.  Baseball For All’s goal is to continue to build additional baseball leagues for girls nation-wide for the following age divisions: 8 and under, 10 and under, 13 and under, and 16 and under.  In order to keep it going and build on the foundation that is currently set, more parents should encourage and support their daughters who show interest in playing baseball.  If you have a daughter that falls into one of the age divisions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a representative from Baseball for All!  

SF Bay Sox

Picture courtesy of Coach Pat Noonan. Bay Area Sox Team,

participating in the National baseball tournament this year.

Join us for this year’s National Baseball tournament for girls in San Francisco.  It will be an exciting week of opening ceremonies, MLB games, tournament play, a social gathering, and so much more! Check out the Baseball for Alls website for specific details for each day of the tournament week in San Francisco.

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  1. Hi Sysamone, thanks for sharing your thoughts. My daughter also want to join the baseball team and this article is really motivating for her. Because it is believed that boys can do better in this game as compare to girls. I think its time to break some orthodox rules.

    • Hi MLB 2016,

      Thank you for the sweet words! I’m so glad to hear this motivates her to join baseball! The tournament is set for Rockford, IL next summer 2017…would love to see her on the team representing and breaking some orthodox rules!


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