Sesame Street LIVE! Is in the Bay Area This Weekend Only [Promo Code]

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“Can you tell me how you get to Sesame Street?”

Sure can!  Order some tickets for Sesame Street Live!, follow the directions from your GPS to Oakland tonight or San Jose on Saturday and Sunday, give the doorman your tickets, and there you will find yourself at Sesame Street!

If you have a little one who loves Sesame Street, the show will not disappoint.  Running a total of 90 minutes the gang down on Sesame Street will make sure to keep you entertained while they perform an educational show.

If you were like me when you were young and always wished that you could be one of the children on Sesame Street, than this show is a must to attend.  They do a wonderful job of engaging the large audience and making us feel like we are a part of the show.  Kids were literally dancing in the aisles and are given a chance to go onstage to play “Grover says.” 

The actors were expressive, uplifting, and energetic.  Most impressive to me were the Muppets. Their mouth movement matched their talking perfectly. It literally looked like they were talking.  Way to go Big Bird and the gang!

This is a national show traveling across the country, and in one part, it was noticeable that our savvy Bay Area kids are ahead of the curve on environmentalism. The show teaches about what goes in the recycling bin and what goes in the trash can, with no mention of the compost bin.  They asked the audience where the banana peel, apple, and shoe goes.  “Recycling or Trash?”  I could sense the delay as our smart kiddos wanted to say compost for the apple and banana and trash for the shoe.

Ultimately, the show was 100% worth it!  My son, who wasn’t very familiar with the Sesame Street characters before we went, enjoyed it immensely.

Use the promo code MOM for 20% off this weekend’s tickets!  


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