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Though he has eight years to go, my son has already decided which vehicle he wants to drive when he hits 16. “I want a Jeep so I can go four wheeling!” or “I want a duley because they look cool!!” This does not surprise me. After all, the apple does not fall far from the tree. My first vehicle was Henrietta, a large truck. To be specific, a ‘77 Chevy Cheyenne raised steps-side with a roll bar. She came stocked with black paint while blue and purple flames covered the hood and front quarter panels. No joke. However, when I inherited this “family truck” in 1991, it was mostly rust with blue and purple flames. My children know my vehicle history and suggested I paint Persephone, my black Honda Accord, with blue and purple flames when she started to show her age. Needless to say, my children and I are drawn to big burly vehicles. My husband, being the practical one of the family, would never stand for us owning a vehicle like the one mentioned above for many reasons- the flames being the least of them.

It was 1989- the only time I attended a Monster Truck show prior to last night. My memory is coupled with a lot of lag time between tricks and insanely loud trucks echoing through the arena while I was paying considerably more attention to the boy that accompanied me and his friend (who I wished had accompanied me). Drama ensued. I spent my time trying to circumvent the boy and connect with the friend. The boy was usurped and the friend and I ended up dating for the next three years. Maybe that’s why I had always avoided Monster Truck shows. They were equated with teenage angst, permed hair, and pegged pants! Why not avoid them?

Alas, my appreciation for trucks and my children’s love for all things burley won out. We decided to go for it! How refreshing it was to attend with a new set of lenses. Accompanied by my husband of almost eleven years, and two children (ages eight and six), there was no drama except who would reach into the popcorn box first. Adorned with noise canceling ear covers (a must have!), we were ready to face the Monsters of Trucks!

My first impression was how amazing the trucks, or shells, were decorated with such character! There was a zombie, shark, bull, Dalmatian, and many other characters that won the hearts of the audience. My daughter’s favorite, “the spikey guy.”  My son’s favorite, “Grave Digger.” My favorite, “Wonder Woman,” driven by a limit-pushing lady! Long lost are the days of male domination in the Monster Jam Arena!

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Speaking of females, my daughter was the one who asked, “When are they going to crush the cars?” She was delighted when the first truck went “off course” and smashed the car to smithereens, got stuck on top of it, and had to rock back and forth to break free. There were donuts spun, trucks standing on two wheels, and many other amazing feats these monsters jammed into their performances. The same drivers also entertained behind the wheels of ATVs  (which, eh-hem, Wonder Woman won!)

Speaking of winning. How did she win? By audience vote! We participated using a handy little vote system. Be sure to long on to ahead of time and listen for a three-digit code from the announcer at the beginning of the show to access the voting opportunity. We loved participating in this way!

The show moved quickly and kept our attention. Even when a truck or ATV flipped and needed to be cleared, the clean up itself was entertaining. Have you ever seen eight grown men flip a vehicle? How ‘bout twice? Three times? We did. These people have their systems down! Between the announcers visiting fans in the audience, the classic dance cam, and the fast pace of the show, it kept our attention for the entire two and a half hours. Don’t worry. There was an intermission that was just right!

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Side note: Despite the fact that noise canceling headphones drown out the raw noise, children or adults with sensory issues can be overwhelmed by the energy and volume in the arena. You know yourself and your kids. If you or they are sensitive, go with your mama gut! Because it is loud. The kind of loud that you feel in your soul.


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