Monster Trucks Equaled Monster Fun This Weekend in Oakland

This post is in partnership with Feld Entertainment.

San Francisco Moms Blog has been giving away Monster Jam tickets for a few years now, and my kids were finally old enough to attend one of the shows! At four and five, with a huge collection of monster trucks at home, both my son and daughter were pumped to see the real live trucks in action.

We bundled up and headed over to the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum where it was more impressive (and louder) than I imagined. I’m not a Monster Truck fun but even as a novice, I could tell that it takes serious skills to maneuver those giant machines. Did you know they have front and rear wheel steering? I don’t know exactly what that means, I’m pretty sure it means it’s a whole lot more complicated to drive a monster truck.

I listened to the advice of some previous attendees and bought noise canceling headphones for my kids to wear (they sell them there, too). I was surprised that they actually kept them on for the entire show.

Speaking of the show, here are some things to keep in mind if plan to go the next time they roar into town.

  • The show lasts about two hours and has three parts: head-to-head races (30 minutes), two-wheel stunts (30 minutes), and freestyle stunts (30 minutes), plus a 20-minute intermission before the freestyle performance begins.
  • Parking at the Coliseum was $40; take BART if you can.
  • Everything is overpriced in the stadium. We shelled out $20 for a cotton candy because it came with a souvenir mask (that we didn’t want but had to get if we wanted the cotton candy… and we made the mistake of promising cotton candy to our kids before arriving at the show)
  • No bags larger than 12x12x6 are allowed inside so plan accordingly.

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It was smooth sailing getting to and from the Coliseum on the Sunday of President’s Day weekend, and my kids are already asking when we can see the show again. Looks like we’ll have another date with Monster Jam next year!


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